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10 Tips for Improving Bathroom Storage

Keeping your bathroom neat and organized can be a big task. There are so many things that need to be kept inside a bathroom, and in most cases, the room is relatively small. Often things become cluttered on the bathroom granite countertop, decreasing the beauty of the surface. Here are ten great tips that you can use for bathroom storage that will have everything in its place and keep your bathroom looking amazing.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are the perfect way to make your bathroom tidier. You can store lots of little things inside like cotton balls, hair ties, and bobby bins. Get rid of the packaging ahead of time and these jars can look more like decorations than storage containers.

Basket Walls

If there is not enough room on your bathroom granite countertops to add unique storage options, you may want to consider using the walls. Get a couple of baskets that can hang on the walls and will hold all of your stuff. Just a few of these will clean up the look of your bathroom in seconds and then you will know where everything is right away.

Razor Holder 

If you have young kids around the house, it can be difficult to keep the razors out of their reach. A great way to get the razors up and out of the way and make your bathroom safe is to purchase a razor holder. You can choose to get a container to hold them in or even use some PVC piping or plastic ties to hold them together for you.

Storage Above the Door 

If you have a small bathroom and you have already run out of space on the walls, the next place to use is above the door. You can put up your own shelving or hang a few baskets above the door in order to hold more of your stuff while still making the bathroom look amazing.

Magnetic Strips 

For the families that have a lot of girls in them, this idea is spectacular. It can be almost impossible to keep track of all the bobby pines that you need in order to keep your hair in place. These pins end up all over the bathroom counter or they simply get lost. Instead of worrying about the space that they are taking up or trying to find one all of the time, you could just get a magnetic strip to hold them. Just pick up the bobby pins with this every day and put it somewhere out of the way, creating an instantly tidy bathroom.

Towel Rails 

If your bathroom does not already have one of these towel rails, then it is a good idea to get one put in as soon as possible. Towels can take up a lot of room inside your bathroom, but a simple towel rail can keep them up off the floor and give a great clean appearance to the bathroom.


Nothing can clean up your bathroom quicker and easier than some hooks. You can put these almost anywhere—behind the door, on a wall, above the toilet. Once they are installed, you can hang towels, robes, and even clothes on them. This gets the clutter off your floor but still keeps things within arms’ reach.

Chalkboard Storage 

This is a great way for you to add some decorations to your bathroom along with added storage. Hang a chalkboard in the bathroom to leave notes, store items with some added shelving, and display some of your kids’ best artwork for a little added decoration.

File Boxes 

Do you have some old file boxes that are hanging around your house just taking up space? Why not use them to help you keep your bathroom organized and looking great? Those straighteners, hair dryers, and other bathroom accessories can take up a lot of space and if you do not have any storage under the counters, they will just sit out and look cluttered. Using these old file boxes allows the items to be put away nicely, keeps them from becoming broken, and allows your bathroom to look much nicer. Decorative file boxes are a relatively inexpensive way to add some more color to the bathroom.

Cosmetic Magnets 

Are you one of those people who has a lot of makeup that seems to always get in the way? No matter how you try to organize it, the makeup is always all over the place and hard to keep organized. One idea that you can try is to place magnets around the mirror and then hook the makeup to these magnets. This allows you to get to the makeup in no time and keeps your bathroom from looking cluttered. If you like the idea of using magnets to keep makeup organized, but are not keen on the idea of using the mirror, place them inside the door of a cabinet for a neater option.