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21 Master Bathroom Ideas [2022]

The master bathroom is an important part of today’s modern homes. Prior to a busy working day or just after a tiring day at work, a beautiful bathroom makes a perfect space for you to unwind. If you think your master bathroom is the gateway between private and public, you might want to make it a better place for you and your partner.

In this blog post, we have listed some brilliant master bathroom ideas that may inspire you. Thinking that not everyone has the same size as a master bathroom nor shares the same taste in the design and decoration, we are giving suggestions in three categories: ideas for small bathrooms, luxury bathrooms, and modern bathrooms. Read through the post and take note of the ones that fit your place.

Small Master Bathroom Ideas

If your master bathroom is small, don’t worry about the functionality and beauty. There are many smart ways to save some space and storage while making your bathroom look much more beautiful.

1- Add A Gallery Wall

Turn your wall behind the vanity top to an art gallery. This will make this side of the wall seem more spacious than it really is. You are advised to use cohesive art elements like frames with family members’ photos and some smaller mirrors scattered around the main mirror.

2- Awkward Spaces Or Not?

Even in the most spacious bathrooms, there may be awkward spaces you wouldn’t even like to see there. If yours is a smaller master bathroom, this awkward spot seems even worse. What about turning these places into smart, functional corners? Installing shelves, creating a gallery wall, or simply putting a plant will upgrade the overall look of your master bathroom.

3- Think Vertically

You can simply elongate your master bathroom by putting a taller mirror positioned vertically over the vanity top. Adding a plant extending to the ceiling or putting a wallpaper with scripts on taking the head from the floor to the ceiling will also help. The idea is to give the illusion of a higher ceiling, thus a bigger room feeling.

4- Embrace The Bold Patterns

Typically small master bathroom ideas suggest ways to make your space look bigger. What if you are happy with your small bathroom but still seeking ideas to make it look more stylish? Then, our advice would be to go bolder with the patterns on the wall, as bolder patterns have a greater effect on smaller walls.

5- Reconsider Black Walls

Many people think that dark colors, especially black, will look gloomy and claustrophobic in smaller spaces. However, the brightness matters there. If your black walls hold a mirror effect and can reflect other bathroom elements on the surface like vanity tops and fixtures, then it gives the feeling of deepness. So, your master bathroom looks larger and gleaming.

6- Get More Light Inside

Small master bathroom ideas are not limited to size or aesthetics. Feeling fresh and energetic is also what you should expect from your master bathroom. Letting sunlight in is a bright idea, but if you don’t have a window or your window is too small to get enough light in, you may consider getting a bigger bathroom remodeling to get a larger window or even windows. In most cases, bathroom remodel cost is higher than simple upgrades, but it is worth it.

7- Install Shelves

Add character or boost functionality simply by setting up a few chic shelves. You can exhibit some charming products while hiding the less attractive ones on your shelves while adding depth to the wall. It is pretty simple and much more affordable compared to many other options.

Luxury Master Bathroom Ideas

Having a luxurious master bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need any more master bathroom ideas. The limit is the sky when it comes to luxury. There are still many ways to make your bathroom more charming and stunning.

8- Use Some Art

A glamorous look in your master bathroom will be beautifully completed with a nice painting or a print. Though your bathroom is spacious and designed with high-quality products, nothing can compare to the touch of art to make it sophisticated.

9- Add Some Traditional Elements

White, luxurious, and spacious. It is all fine, but it seems understated anyway? The deluxe feeling is not easy to catch. Using some traditional elements like a chandelier or a colorful rug will elevate the luxurious and elegant look in your master bathroom.

10- Feel Free To Go Dark

If you have enough white in your master bathroom, it is time to go black now. Gold or silver fixtures will make a good statement on black marble countertops or floor tiles. Once you are done with black and white balance, you can even put a nice plant on the corner.

11- Keep It Airy And Light

A luxurious master bathroom is not all about luxury. Everybody would like to enjoy sunlight and fresh air regardless of the size and materials used in the bathroom. Therefore, if your windows are smaller for your spacious bathroom, you should immediately get them bigger and make use of beautiful plants to add a breezy feeling.

12- Embrace The Nature

Put a potted plant near the tub, and use a light wood-colored panel in the background. With enough light and space, the feeling will be amazing in your master bathroom. If you are lucky to view the sea or ocean from the window of your master bathroom, you will truly experience the luxury.

13- Go Quirky

The bathtub is a crucial element in bathrooms. Particularly in the luxurious master bathroom, they are supposed to make a better statement. You can achieve this by following simple design steps. Starting from geometric multicolored floor tiles beneath the tub, you can pick dramatic curtains matching the color with one of the nice ones in the multicolored tiles.

14- Try Extravagant Layouts

In spacious and luxurious master bathrooms, there is no one right layout. So never stick to one particular layout and explore new variations that could work for you. For example, if you already have one big vanity with double or triple sinks, you can replace it with individual vanities (two or three), taking the tub to the center.

Modern Master Bathroom Ideas

Luxurious but convenient, functional but good-looking. These are some of the most desired qualities that we can expect from a modern bathroom. However, if you want to have a timeless master bathroom design with a bit of colorful touch, here are a bunch of master bathroom ideas to make you fall in love with your bathroom all over again.

15- Use Larger Tiles

Large tiles are reputable for their easy maintenance. In addition, you can easily clean them since there are fewer grout lines. Aside from that, large tiles are better to show softer colors and tones, which adds timeless beauty, especially in the shower.

16- Hang An Illustration Or Graphic

One of the most distinctive features of modern home decorations is using illustrated scripts or simple paintings on the walls. You can also carry this trendy decoration idea to your master bathroom. Depending on the position of your vanity top, you can prop it up on a suitable wall. Some motivating or relaxing phrases, bathroom rules, or a few romantic words can make sense in your bathroom.

17- Add Natural Touch

You can simply eliminate the plain look by coloring and sprucing up the walls and around. Modern master bathrooms embrace nature within a nice composition. Using a wooden stool, placing live plants, or even applying leaf prints on the wall are practical ways.

18- Modern Boho

You can adapt some bohemian style to your modern master bathroom. For example, using penny tiles doesn’t sound modern, yet you can still add a modern touch. Penny tiles in two different colors meeting each other in an extraordinary way, like a zig-zag pattern, will make a good design and add fun. You can even extend the pattern from floor to ceiling if you like the idea.

19- Upgrade To Quartz Countertops

If your vanity top or countertop is huge in your master bathroom, modernizing it will have a huge effect. As you may already know, quartz countertops need pretty low maintenance, and they are highly resistant to scratches or stains. Particularly, quartz countertops with light finishes match perfectly with most of the other colors in your master bathroom.

20- Make a Statement With Lighting

Lighting is one of the most obvious ways to highlight the overall character of bathrooms. Installing two task light fixtures on each side of your mirror will add functionality, and the gold hardware of the fixtures will glam up. 

21- Try Floating Vanity

There are various configurations of vanities today. If you are looking for master bathroom ideas to modernize your place, replacing your old vanity with a floating one is perfect. A floating vanity offers you desired functionality and modern look. 


Master bathroom ideas are numerous, the only thing is you should be knowledgeable about what type of master bathroom you have and what its potential is. Never underestimate your existing bathroom. Remember that proper bathroom remodeling and bathroom accessories can solve many problems with your master bathroom.

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