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4 Tips for Conducting an Intelligent Kitchen Remodel

There is a fine line between a beautiful kitchen remodel and an intelligent one. It stands to reason that if you remodel your kitchen in a beautiful and cohesive manner, you have exercised some intelligence in the process. But, it is also quite possible that remodeling your kitchen beautifully will take you too long, or that the result will be structurally unsound. It is also possible that what seems like a beautiful remodel, in the present, is at risk of deteriorating over time. If you are hoping to remodel your kitchen but want to do so both intelligently and efficiently, keep reading.

Tip 1-Render Your Current Kitchen Layout

If you are hoping to remodel your kitchen both intelligently and efficiently, you will want to render the layout of your space. This can be done in one of several ways. If you are someone with artistic ability, you can render a detailed sketch of your kitchen by hand. Graph paper and proper scaling will allow you to sketch your kitchen in a highly accurate way. If you need some extra aid in sketching your kitchen’s current layout, there are a number of software programs that you can use.

You may now be wondering why it is important to sketch your kitchen’s current layout with such precision. The answer is simple. Homeowners often pursue individual changes that simply do not make functional sense within the current layout of their space. Indeed, the position of windows, electrical outlets and walls all dictate what sorts of alterations make the most sense.

Tip 2-Self-Question in an Intelligent Manner

One of the strategies that homeowners pursue when remodeling their kitchens is that of following their gut. It is not a bad idea to listen to your instincts when it comes to design preference and aesthetics. With that said, it is incredibly important to self-question before moving forward with any big purchases and alterations.

You may now be wondering as to what sorts of question are important to ask. Among these questions, you will want to how much cooking you do, and how many people tend to help you. Do you have a large family?  The answers to these questions will dictate what sorts of surface materials you use, in addition to their respective dimensions. If you make use of a great number of cooking utensils you might want to introduce a deep farmhouse sink. Alternatively, if durability is one of your top priorities you may want to invest in a nice granite countertop.

Tip 3-Choose the Right people to Work With

Choosing a good general contractor is vital for a number of important reasons. Your general contractor will not only complete work that would otherwise be near impossible to execute on your own, but he or she also does so within a reasonable timeframe.

With that being said, you do not want to simply pick up the yellow pages and hire the first contractor that is listed. When selecting your general contractor, you will want to meet him or her in person before hiring. This interpersonal connection provides the best indicator of whether or not you feel comfortable around this person, and you will have a chance to see what they can offer. Hire someone with a full portfolio that is made readily available to you. Ask for references, too. The general contractor that you are meant to work with will be happy to take the time in getting to know you and your remodeling needs before starting.

Tip 4-Choose Design Details that Make Sense for You

A kitchen remodel presents an opportunity for rebirth. Many homeowners take this idea and run with it. In other words, they use a remodel as an opportunity to outdo their neighbors—or other perceived competition. Remodelling according to current trends, or as a way of outdoing others, will only result in an eventual dissatisfaction with your remodel.

This means that if you eat take-out four nights a week, you probably do not need a professional grade oven. Similarly, if your home is equipped with a formal dining room, you will not necessarily need a designated area in your kitchen proper. Take the time to assess what your specific cooking and dining needs are. This way you can better determine if your remodel is meeting your own needs or those of others.

In sum, Remodeling your kitchen provides an opportunity to reinvent your home. With that said, you will want to take the appropriate steps to ensure that you pursue your kitchen remodel intelligently. This will mean hiring a general contractor that you can trust with this important project. You will also want to take the time to sketch the layout of this space. Doing so will make clear what sorts of alterations are feasible and preferable within your space. Last, but not least, it is advised that you respect your own design preferences when remodeling your kitchen; your instincts are not likely to steer you wrong.