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5 Design Ideas to Avoid in your Bathroom

It is important that you realize how vital your bathroom is to your home. Yes, it is most often the smallest room, but it does have the opportunity to make a huge impact on your home. If done correctly, a newly remodeled bathroom can improve your quality of life. When planning your bathroom remodel, keep two words in mind – comfort and convenience. You want to create efficient washing areas, beauty preparation areas, and create a well-decorated, restful place to retreat to after a long hard day. There are certain elements you want to avoid when planning your bathroom remodel to ensure that you receive the comfort and convenience you deserve. We have compiled a list of these bathroom no-no’s, so that you can properly plan this remodeling project.

#1 – NO Carpet Allowed

One of the biggest mistakes made in bathroom remodeling is the installation of carpeting. While it is warm on the tootsies when you step out of the shower, it holds the water from your feet and can eventually develop mold. In order to maintain a clean bathroom, you want to choose surfaces that can be wiped up and dried easily. The best possible flooring solution in a bathroom is tile, such as granite, ceramic, and marble. These surfaces will prevent water from seeping through damaging the floor underneath.

#2 – Overwhelming Colors

There are many bathroom design schemes where bright colors work. However, there are some colors you want to avoid overusing. For instance, painting the entire space one bright or bold color can be overwhelming to the eye. Bathrooms are often designed with more neutral colors overall, with added pops of color. A white and black bathroom color scheme is an excellent example. White walls, white vanity with a black granite countertop, black and white tile floor, and black accents throughout the space is an great option. If you want to add even bolder colors, such as reds, oranges, or blues, consider only using these colors as accents. Painting the top of one wall bright orange can work in a bathroom, if the rest of the space is neutral. Choose dark wood trim and vanity with a white granite countertop and a simple shower curtain.

#3 – Cheap Flooring

Not only do you want to avoid carpeting in your bathroom, but you also want to avoid cheap flooring. Laminate flooring is definitely a no-no in bathroom design. Even tongue and groove laminate wood flooring is a bad idea. Yes, the price is relatively low, but so is the quality. With this type of flooring you run the risk of water being able to seep through the boards, damaging them and the subfloor. Again, opt for tile flooring that is durable and easy to maintain.

#4 – Inadequate Storage

There are elements of your bathroom that are acceptable to display, such as nicely rolled towels, photographs, and other accessories. These are great items to display with open-shelving. However, you should not have all of your bathroom storage space with open shelving. You want to be able to put some things behind closed doors. This includes toilet paper, makeup, hair products, and other private bathroom items. If you have these types of items in your bathroom, which most people do, you want to make sure you include some closed storage options, such as a vanity with drawers and doors. You can also include a linen-type closet either in or very near the bathroom, so that these items can be hidden from guests.

#5 – NO Wallpaper

While there are many manufacturers creating wallpaper that is supposed to be able to survive in humid conditions, this is often a risk you should avoid. There are a variety of different paint colors that can create a visually appealing and eye-catching space without needing to have a pattern that wallpaper provides. In addition, there are other materials, such as wood planks and tile that are better used in humid, moist spaces, such as a bathroom. This is especially true if your bathroom is relatively small, as the humidity can be held in the space longer, and often damages even the most durable wallpaper.

As you sit and plan a remodel of your bathroom, it is important to keep in mind these design elements to avoid. Adding carpeting, wallpaper, and overbearing colors can lead to a disastrous remodel, leaving you dissatisfied. If you are concerned about the design plan, we recommend you contact a professional to help you make the right decisions, decisions that you will be happy with. The bathroom is supposed to be a relaxing place that you look forward to walking into after a long day. Take the time to properly plan and consider choosing only elements that are durable when placed in humid and wet environments, and those that offer privacy of personal items, and you will enjoy your bathroom for years to come.