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5 Ideas for Making Your Kitchen Unique

One of the most important qualities to strive for when remodeling your kitchen is uniqueness. Very few people want their kitchens to be generic or conventional. With this in view, it is quite important that you select features and elements that will make your kitchen stand above the competition. What follows are five fantastic ideas for making your kitchen as unique and beautiful as possible. It is our hope that these ideas will give you the inspiration required to create a thoroughly inviting and original space.

Implement Furniture-Inspired Pieces

It is quite rare to encounter a kitchen that seems to center on its furniture. This is because a great number of kitchens seem to separate their cooking and eating spaces. But incorporating furniture and furniture inspired pieces into your space will make it all the more inviting.

You might be puzzled about how to do so. Interior designers suggest an excellent way of approaching a furniture-centered kitchen, by way of the kitchen island. By installing a substantial island in your kitchen, with plush paneling on the sides, you turn something that used to be purely functional into a space to truly enjoy. You may want to extend this same philosophy to your cabinetry. Rich wood cabinets that pick up on the aesthetic of your island will make the entire space feel homier and more inviting. The most wonderful aspect of creating a furniture-centered kitchen is that you create a space that is genuinely conducive to spending quality time with both family and friends.

Open-Concept Shelving

Another beautiful and unique idea, to consider when remodeling your kitchen, is open concept shelving. Open concept shelving is a contemporary feature that can be achieved through a wide range of materials. Perhaps your kitchen is contemporary in design. If so, you might want to mix and match the materials out of which you build your open-concept shelving. This might mean, for instance, using glass shelves against ones made of wood. If your kitchen is more traditional, you can always stick to open-faced shelves made of a single material, too. By implementing such an open approach to your kitchen shelving, you immediately improve the functionality of your space. In fact, all of your kitchen essentials become within an arm’s reach. As such, cooking and entertaining no longer feels like such a burden.

Modern Meets Traditional

One of the unique approaches to remodeling your kitchen comes from juxtaposing two different design principles. By marrying the modern with the traditional, you effectively get the best of both worlds. Not only does this approach allow for the sleek and luxurious glamor of a contemporary space, but it also promotes the warm and family-centered atmosphere of a traditional one. To nail this juxtaposition down, you will want to adhere to a neutral palette. If not, your kitchen’s design will be much too busy. With this in mind, you might want to use traditional door profiles on your cabinets along with a sleek granite countertop. Other juxtapositions might include stainless steel appliances along with ceramic, farmhouse sink. By mixing and matching these design approaches, you will establish your kitchen as one that is both unique and creative. And, by doing so in a neutral palette you will not alienate any prospective homebuyers.

Luxurious Metallics

One unique family of materials that you might consider introducing, in your kitchen, are metallics. Metallic hues have established themselves as a staple of contemporaneity, and the natural brilliance of metals makes them instantly glamorous. With that being said, you might incorporate metals into your space in a wide variety of ways.

If you are hoping to use metal in your kitchen to create a sense of warmth, you might want to consider hammered copper. Hammered copper is a material that is deep and warm in color. Hammered copper can be used as the foundation of your sink and stove top hoods, for instance. Other alternatives for using metals in your kitchen include zinc or aluminum. Both of these materials work splendidly as striking countertop materials. Rather than create a sense of warmth in your kitchen, zinc and aluminum will instead bolster a sense of contemporaneity. Regardless, using metals in your kitchen is a beautiful way of creating a unique aesthetic in your space.

If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen, you will want to do so in a way that is both beautiful and distinctive. Fortunately, you can approach uniqueness in the kitchen in a variety of different ways. Perhaps you like the idea of making your kitchen increasingly functional. If so, open concept shelving is a beautiful and distinctive finish that you can capitalize on. Alternatively, you might want to juxtapose design philosophies. A combination of modern and traditional design elements is a beautiful way of achieving a thoroughly unique kitchen.