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5 Rules for Remodeling Master Bathrooms

Your master bathroom is often the bathroom the homeowner uses the most as it is in their bedroom. When the idea of remodeling the master bathroom becomes a reality it can be very exciting knowing that you will have a brand new beautiful bathroom.  If you plan it right you can make your bathroom your own personal spa, a sanctuary that you can relax and take a bath or get ready for your day. There are five rules for remodeling your master bathroom that you can follow in order to get exactly what you want and need.

  • Mimic the Master Bedroom

Because most master bathrooms are attached to or adjacent to the master bedroom it is important to mimic the look of the bedroom to tie it together.  You can choose not to have a door to your master bathroom instead open up the space and make an archway.  If you have enough room you may consider having a glass wall between the two rooms giving an open space concept.  If you need privacy due to guests or your children you can hang a privacy curtain on the bedroom side which can also change the look of the room and constantly change the look.  If your bedroom is painted a darker color, you do not want to paint your entire wall the dark color because that will shrink the bathroom visually.  Instead match the color and paint a small accent wall to bring the two rooms together.

  • Consider The Users

Most master bathrooms are built to accommodate two people, which means they may have double sinks a bathroom alcove with a door and a shower and bath combo.  Many people understand that, but what they can forget is you will also need room for both people to put their cleaning products, make-up, aftershave, towels and razors.  Each occupant should have a space dedicated for their stuff and remember if you decide to install two sinks you will want enough room for the sinks and the accessories.  If you have a closet in the bathroom then you want to set up the closet with two people in mind.

  • Durable Countertops

When remodeling a kitchen one of the first thing people think about is the countertops, however, many people treat countertops in a bathroom as an afterthought.  Purchasing a nice granite countertop can bring a beautiful natural element to the bathroom and it also adds durability.  Granite countertops are very strong and heat resistant which would be helpful for curling irons and hot wax.  Granite countertops will need some maintenance such as sealing, however, this maintenance is easy to do and very cost effective.  If sealed properly every six months to a year you could have that beautiful piece of granite for a lifetime.  It is also worth noting adding granite countertops to your bathrooms or kitchen can also raise the value of your overall home when it comes to resale.

  • Think About the Future

When you are shopping for your new tub, be it claw footed or a whirlpool tub, think about your future use of that tub. If you have a shower and bathtub combo you can surely fit a chair in the shower if you become unable to stand during your shower.  If this tub is one that you plan on having for years and years, considering your age is very important.  When people get older often time they need a chair in the shower or bath, so you will want to purchase items that will be able to accommodate that.  There are beautiful tubs and shower ideas for disabled or elderly people that will be functional, and not sacrifice the look you are going for.

  • Layout

If you are tearing down your old master bathroom and starting from scratch one of the most important things to do before you start is to create a floor plan.  You should consider hiring a contractor to help design the bathroom if you have no experience with such things because they will know the codes and what needs to be in each bathroom.  If you plan the layout before the work gets started if you run into an issue you can start from scratch without having to tear out any work you’ve already put in.  Consider toilet placement, tub, shower, drains, vanity and lighting.  Remember the lighting design is key in the remodel because if you put in the wrong type of lighting it can make your bathroom look older and less up to date.

Remodeling your master bathroom should be a fun process and leads to a beautiful place to relax and get excited about your day.  If you keep both who you are now and who you will become the remodel could be something you enjoy for years to come.