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6 Innovative under-cabinet products you need in your kitchen

The kitchen is the centerpiece to any home. Whether you love to cook or just enjoy eating, this is the central location where family members and friends gather. Stories are swapped, laughter is shared, and through it all, the heartbeat of the home pulses with every passing hour. Many home cooks wish they had more space, whether for storage or display areas, and one of the most overlooked options for this is under-cabinet space.

You can easily maximize the space underneath your cabinets to help you achieve the dream kitchen you have always wanted. First, you need to consider what your goals are with your kitchen. Are you looking for additional storage space? There is a broad spectrum of tools that can help you become the ultimate host or hostess. You can find organizers and tiered shelving items to help you arrange items in your kitchen that you use every day. Here are six new and innovative items that you might find you can’t live without:

A Built-In Coffee Station

If you love coffee, espresso, hot tea, hot chocolate, or even cappuccinos, why not consider installing a coffee system that is built in right underneath your cabinet? With this incredible innovation, you will show family and friends alike that you want to get the most out of your kitchen and maximize your space. With this coffee system in place, preparing personalized hot drinks for your friends and family to enjoy doesn’t get any easier. This system can be fully integrated into your kitchen and can help you channel your inner barista right at home. It is self-cleaning, it steams milk, and gives you all the comforts you are looking for without clogging up precious counter space.

iPod Dock & Radio System

Are you looking for a great spot to place your iPod so you can listen to your favorite music while you are in your kitchen? Check out the iPod Dock and Radio Under-Cabinet System. It features an LCD display that is able to show you what song is playing, it charges your iPod while it is docked, and the speakers give you great sound no matter where you are in the room.

Additional Lighting

Many people like the minimalist view and want to keep the area under their cabinets clear. But adding in additional lighting never hurts and it’s a great way to help you illuminate your cabinets for food preparation or it can serve as a night light. LED lighting strips are one of the best options for your kitchen. It is also very affordable; 12-inch strips generally run about $20, so you can start this project even on a low budget.

A Tablet Mount

This is a great addition for any cook who wants to learn a new recipe and is watching cooking videos, or wants to refer to a written recipe they’ve seen on social media. It keeps the table at eye level so you can have an easier time viewing the information you need. You can even Skype with family or friends and at the same time keep your device away from the food prep area and let your hands remain free for food prep or cleaning.

A Mounted TV

You don’t have to miss your favorite shows with an under the cabinet TV/DVD player! This will help you make the most out of your situation and it makes perfect sense. Not only is it practical, but it will save you space and it is aesthetically pleasing. This media center is small and compact so you can enjoy your favorite shows, DVD’s, CD’s, or even the radio without having any clutter on your countertop. The screen on the model referenced here is 9” and it can swivel 270 degrees so you can find the perfect angle for viewing. The images are sharp and detailed, and the remote even has a magnet affixed to it so you can attach it to your fridge so it is always handy!

Mountable Toaster Oven

Now you can save even more space with a mountable toaster oven. Why heat up the entire kitchen to make toast when you can use this small handy oven right underneath your kitchen cabinets. You can save space on your countertops and still toast bagels or reheat yesterday’s lasagna in a flash. This device plugs into your wall outlet and even comes with a remote for the most efficient reheating option out there.

If it seems you always have a lot of clutter in your kitchen, now is the time to clear some much needed space with cabinet-mounted accessories and technology. If you add in items that have a touch of bronze or chrome in them, it can help you achieve a finished polished look for your kitchen. Many of the options available for storage offer multiple functionalities that can free up the space on your counter for serving or cooking while still keeping much-used items like spices and spatulas within reach. Take some time to look around your kitchen and think of ways that you can maximize your space. Once you have reclaimed your cooking area you will feel like you have a brand new kitchen that is organized, warm, and inviting.