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6 Signs You Need a Bathroom Remodel

After a long day at work, you want to come home to a relaxing, inviting space. Comfortable couches and soft lighting are a must in the family room. An updated kitchen makes for easy meal prep. But if you find that you avoid the bathroom at all costs, frightened by moisture issues, perhaps mold in the bathtub, shoddy fixtures and bad lighting, you need to consider a bathroom remodel.

Here are some signs that you need to remodel the bathroom:

  1. You don’t want to go in there. Outdated tile in a pukey pink color, a scary old tub, mildew – these are just a few of the reasons you may not want to hang out in your bathroom. If your motto is, get in and get out, consider a few updates to make the space more comfortable.

  2. You want to sell your home. An unsightly, outdated bathroom will surely scare off potential buyers. Functionality is important in the bathroom and swapping out cabinet hardware is an inexpensive fix that will help transform the space. Paint the walls a fresh, inviting color, and swap out the outdated vanity for a modern, clean model.

  3. The space has mold. Mold issues are a surefire sign of trouble. Mildew in the tub or shower and in the floor tile’s caulking is hazardous. Use a mixture of bleach and water to rid the bathroom of existing mold. However, a long-term fix may require boosting insulation or hiring a mold remediation professional and replacing the tub and shower. Excessive water and mold may also destroy the structural integrity of the bathroom. If this is the case, you’ll be facing a large-scale bathroom remodel to remedy the situation.

  4. The fixtures are old. Have your bathroom fixtures done their duty and are they ready to retire? Old toilets not only consume more water to operate, but they’re probably not trustworthy, either. Toss out the plunger and treat yourself to a new water-saving toilet. Your showerhead and faucets are also likely dinosaur models that consume a lot of water. Go ahead with the remodel: Treat yourself to a luxury showerhead and install energy-saving faucets to dial back your energy bills.

  5. You want a good return on investment. Bathroom remodels are one of the top improvements homeowners can make to their property. Not only will the project bring you and your family lots of joy and comfort, but once you go to sell the home, you can expect the updated space to increase the value of your home. Most experts predict that a bathroom remodel will garner between 80 and 90 percent return within a year or two.

  6. The bathroom is very old. Even if you’re able to deal with the bathroom’s style and you aren’t noticing any problems with mold or mildew or the room’s structure, you may want to update the bathroom simply because of its age. A bathroom can last between 10-20 years, but the older it gets, the more chance there will be for something to go wrong. You can ward off problems before they happen – such as a plumbing pipe bursting, a shower breaking down or the floors rotting – by remodeling the space now.

What are the factors motivating you to move forward with a bathroom remodel? Are you tired of the outdated room? Is it not functional? Are you worried you’re wasting water? Regardless of the reason, consider the value of a bathroom remodel. It’s time to stop avoiding the bathroom and making it an inviting space you want to visit.