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8 Mistakes that Can Ruin a Kitchen Design

When you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, your brain can often become overwhelmed with great ideas you want to incorporate. With so much design inspiration going on at the beginning of a project, it can be difficult to narrow it all down. In fact, sifting through all of your creative ideas might seem like the hardest part of the process–but don’t be fooled into thinking that every idea is a winner.

Despite our best intentions, there are some renovation mistakes that can ruin your overall kitchen design in the end. Unfortunately, no matter how many beautiful concepts and creations we come up with, sometimes they don’t always work together for the greater good of the final product. In order to keep your best ideas at the forefront of the project and the less-than-stellar moves on the back burner, we’ve listed some of those stand-out mistakes that renovators make that work to diminish the kitchen design you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

The bland effect

You might have the most amazing kitchen design on the block, but if you cover all of your primary features in monochromatic colors, you’re going to have a bland final project as well. It’s more than possible for uniform tones to become overwhelming in and of themselves. Definitely take texture, dimension and shades of color into consideration before you go matching up your white granite countertops with white cabinets, white appliances and matching flooring. In this case, there can be too much of a good thing and your design concept will get swallowed up in the monotone of your color choice.

Don’t confuse tasteful and tacky

There’s nothing wrong with incorporating a bold, creative color into your design scheme with a well-placed lighting apparatus or display plates, but don’t get too carried away lest you find yourself verging on tacky. For example, choosing a bold color for your granite countertops is a classy way to create a visual focal point in a neutral-toned kitchen. On the flip side of that, adding something like a bright pink kitchen island in an otherwise modern design will be distracting and kitsch rather than sophisticated and sleek.

Cutting your design short with the wrong material choice

Even the most well thought through kitchen design can be downplayed when primary features are topped with mismatched materials. If your kitchen is designed for vigorous culinary use, than your primary features should be fitted with materials to match. Large kitchen islands crafted to carry a number of pots, pans and trays should be complete with durable granite countertops that live up to the needs required. Finishing a kitchen made for wear with materials that will easily damage will leave a final product looking undone.

Mismatched themes

Focusing on continuity when you have a clear theme in your kitchen design is particularly important. A modern layout that includes random vintage or rustic trademarks is going to create a confused feeling rather than a sure and unique atmosphere.

Shrinking space with color

It’s important to take color into consideration when looking at what best suits your kitchen design. While you don’t want to be monochromatic, adding too much of one shade or the other has the potential to shrink the appearance of your design space. Those who add a number of dark tones to a space that is small to begin with will find their design appearing compressed as opposed to a design that incorporates a great balance of light and dark tones.

Bringing down effects with lighting

Misplaced lighting schemes are often culprits when it comes to elements that don’t enhance the effects of a great kitchen design. Lighting needs to be chosen according to your color palette and primary features should be considered as well. Surfaces like granite countertops tends to reflect out many underlying colors when placed under direct lighting. A bright light may not be the best choice when it comes to bringing out shimmering undertones in surfacing. A misdirected light can change the look and feel of a design scheme if not properly considered.

Hitting the wrong heights

Just as important as having that beautiful kitchen design figured out, is making sure your measurements are 100% accurate. There’s nothing worse than installing a beautiful and convenient kitchen island just to discover it’s a foot too short when it’s all said and done. Measurements that don’t match those using the space are bound to be awkward and a focus of scrutiny in an otherwise beautiful design.

Flawed flooring choices

Much like granite countertops, flooring options in kitchen design need to match the style and need of users. Checkered tile flooring won’t be the best choice in a rustic-themed design and could act as a negative distraction. Similarly, delicate flooring materials won’t last long in a kitchen bound to be trampled on by plenty of feet on a daily basis. Installing a flooring material that will wear out quickly in a busy kitchen will leave your ultimate design looking shabby quickly.