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A Natural & Neutral Kitchen Design Scheme – How it works

While the rest of your home may be chalk full of bright and bold colors, it may be that the kitchen is the place you’re looking to find your peace. If you’re aiming to create a culinary sanctuary of natural trends and tones, a design scheme that fringes on neutral could be a great option.

Natural and neutral doesn’t equate to bland when it comes to design. It simply means that your kitchen will take on fresh and light characteristics that may invoke the idea of bringing the outside world right into your home. The key to creating a beautiful, natural and neutral kitchen design is to stick to the basics. Here are a few key points as to how the whole concept works together.

Focus on neutral tones with countertops

The full effect of a natural and neutral kitchen begins with the color scheme. For this look, it’s imperative to stick with earth tones that complement one another. Picking these smooth and natural tones for primary features is a great place to start. Features like granite countertops come in a variety of swirling earth tones that can really warm up a kitchen in no time at all. Additionally, they tend to look stunning against textured wood accent pieces that will give your kitchen a truly natural edge.

Cabinets play a part in the theme as well

When it comes to cabinet choices for a natural and neutral kitchen, unique is the way to go. Don’t be afraid to touch up old cabinets by adding a distressed look for a natural feel. Similarly, you may want to pick a color you love in your earth-toned granite countertops and give your cabinets a new coat of paint in a similar hue to tie the earthy hues together with balance.

If you’re leaning towards installing new cabinets, consider going with a natural wood material. Cabinets that come complete with natural knots or textures can add a beautiful authenticity to the overall scheme you’re creating.

Try chairs that are woven and textured

When creating a natural and neutral kitchen, the ultra-modern furniture pieces should most likely be avoided. Natural means incorporating unique designs based in nature to provoke a sense of calm that one might find in the great outdoors. This means you’re free to replace those standard island stools or kitchen table chairs with woven works of art for family and friends to sit on. Use these furniture pieces as a place to try some unique patterns, while sticking closely to the neutral color palette.

Add accent pieces that stick to basic earth tones to highlight the look

This step could be the most fun of all. While there’s no rule about going out and buying new accent pieces for your natural kitchen, a lot of what would bring out the best is available right where you are. Try taking a neutral toned bowl and placing it on top of your granite countertop as a centerpiece. Fill the bowl with rocks and stones from your own yard and watch the undertones in your granite really pop with a natural boost from your accent choices! Bringing details from the outside world in as feature pieces gives your natural kitchen an original edge without any added cost.

Bamboo flooring-as natural as it gets

Your natural and neutral kitchen also has the potential to be a green initiative. Renewable and beautiful, bamboo flooring options bring the best in eco-design to your very kitchen. Durable and available in customized textures, bamboo flooring boosts the environment and simultaneously brings an unsurpassed natural color into your home.

A brick backsplash or island base

Utilizing brick in your natural and neutral kitchen is a fantastic way to add a little dimension while sticking with the color scheme. If you don’t like the contrast of the original brick you’re installing against your primary features like granite countertops and cabinets, feel free to give them a coat of paint made to match! Bricks make an amazing base for a kitchen island, or even a unique backsplash material. If you’re feeling super creative, try a mix of natural brick tones with painted brick and watch your natural kitchen come to life.

Consider adding options for natural lighting

If it’s the look of the outdoors that you crave, there’s no better option than to let natural light work on your behalf. Installing a set of skylights above your kitchen island is the perfect solution to not only creating a neutral-toned kitchen with your color scheme, but allowing natural light to complete the effect. As natural lighting changes, so will the warm tones in your color choices, creating an ever-shifting decorative space that mimics the world outside. Letting a little more natural light in is the final step in creating a natural and neutral kitchen that meets the mark on interior design strategies.