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Achieving Cohesion with Your Bathroom Remodel

One of the most common difficulties that homeowners experience when remodeling their bathrooms is achieving a sense of cohesion. Many people excel at picking out individual features and finishes that would translate well in their bathrooms. But, when it comes to pulling a newly remodeled bathroom together, that is a completely different story. What follows are a series of tips and ideas on how to achieve a sense of cohesion in your newly remodeled bathroom. It is our hope that these tips will act as a blueprint, helping to both guide and inspire your bathroom remodel. Read on for new design tips:

Define the Intended Aesthetic of Your Space

One helpful way of achieving cohesion in your bathroom is by defining the overall aesthetic of the space. This likely involves quite a bit of exploration and research on your end. With that said, pulling inspiration pieces from magazines, blogs, and professional portfolios can prove to be quite an enjoyable activity.

You want to begin by exploring a wide range of images of both bathrooms and bathroom finishes. The Internet is an excellent resource that can be used to cull these images. Use sticky notes to qualify the images that you come across, and color-code them to keep them organized. Blue sticky notes, for instance, might represent dislike, and pink sticky notes might represent either curiosity or ambivalence. After you have conducted this initial round of research, you can go back and re-examine your initial selections. Next, you will want to jot down overlapping features and design principles. During this process, you can concretely identify what sort of bathroom you are drawn to. Perhaps you notice that your image selection includes an abundance of granite, subtle lighting and glass showers. If so, you have discovered that you would like to remodel your bathroom according to contemporary design principles.

Create a Plan

To achieve a sense of cohesion in your bathroom, you will need to put a concrete plan in place. This plan will extend beyond the collection of images and swatches you have collected. Instead, creating a plan for your remodel involves producing a visual diagram of your space. After having done so, you can begin to envision how and where all of your new finishes will be located.

Once you have produced a visual rendering of your bathroom, you will want to share this rendering with a professional. A general contractor will have helpful suggestions about where to place the shower, vanity, lighting fixtures and doors. His or her advice will take into account the current layout of the space, and will make adjustments wherever necessary.