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Achieving The Shabby Chic Look For Your Living Room

Shabby Chic is quite possibly one of the top trends ever in home décor. It was established about 20 years ago and it is still going strong. This look is an eclectic style that merges pastel colors, feminine florals, lace, and antique furniture together. It is also commonly known as vintage or country chic.

If you are a fan of this dreamy soft style, that’s great because it is inexpensive and very easy to achieve. At the most basic point of the style, it is a combination of antique or up cycled furniture. This means you can either find the pieces you want cheaply or you can purchase modern furniture and give it a makeover on your own.

Make sure you also look out not only for the aesthetic values of the room but also the practical. These are all things to bear in mind as your budget comes into play. Decide on the type of television set you are going to have or not have. If you choose one, make sure you consider the placement of it when you are getting ready to decorate. You can find many shabby chic options when it comes to armoires or entertainment centers to hold the television. Also make sure you get all of your measurements written down and have them with you when you are making any furniture or decorating selections. This will let help you adjust the positioning of each item. Measurements are also vital when it comes to painting, trim, and pictures as well. All of these things go hand in hand to give you the right look to fit the style you are heading toward.

To start with, base the room around a scheme of white. Then add in the nuances of champagne pink, lilac, and duck egg blue. This will provide you with the ultimate design in shabby chic. Additionally, consider adding in white washed or natural flooring to enhance your theme along with earth accents. Go for wooden benches, floral soft furnishing, and wicker chairs to give it a complete look. Below are some great statement piece options for any home:

  • Salvage Furniture is truly the heart of shabby chic style. A scrubbed pine table will give a vintage relaxed feel to any room. You can find many of these gems at your local antique or resell shop.

  • Adding in Ornate Frames and mirrors can be a great way to show off treasured art and photos on your walls. Make a grouping over a sofa or on a bare wall. You can easily find frames at your local antique stores or flea market. Sometimes they are painted in a variety of metallic shades. Take the frame and give it a light sanding and then paint it using pastel paint or white and just like that you have a great frame to accent your wall.

  • Old Vintage Chairs that are vintage are the perfect kind of canvas to combine with modern fabrics and paints. Check estate sales and antique markets to find those steals that you can overhaul on your own and save big bucks on. Stores profit big from selling various styles of reproductions. Doing it yourself is not only easier, it leaves you room in your budget and the best part is your friends and family will think it is expensive.

  • A Vintage Chandelier will light up your living room and make it look stunning. It is a great way to add elegance in a quirky manner to your living space. You can hang it in the center of the room or in a corner of a room. If you find a piece that is missing something check out eBay or visit a lighting store. You might even find beads or replacement glass you are looking floor at a local flea market.

  • An excellent option for additional storage is a well-worn Vintage Dresser. Today an old dresser doesn’t have to be confined to a bedroom. They can be used in your living room as a perfect option for storage. Take some time out for sanding, a few coats of paints, and another sanding to create a distressed look and you will have a piece that looks much older than it actually is. Purchase vintage knobs that are dainty to add in some additional charm and color.

The true nucleus of any home is the living room. It is your spot to relax and unwind. This is where you spend quality time with your family and friends. Taking time to decorate your living room from scratch can be very rewarding as your plans unfold. Consider how your living room will be utilized. Will you focus more on family time or will you do a lot of entertaining. This will really help you when it comes to selecting the furniture you are going to buy and the color scheme you are going to pair with it. Also determine how many people will be using this room on a regular basis. That way you can arrange for the right amount of seating to accommodate everyone. From there, the sky’s the limit – decorate with things that you find beautiful and you will be well on your way to a gorgeous shabby Chic living room!