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An Overview of Kitchen Flooring Options

When the redecorating or revamping starts, it’s easy to get caught up in a single idea. Sometimes, you go into a kitchen make over thinking you know exactly what you want. When it comes to kitchen flooring, this can be a hard trap to get out of without the right assistance. Just because you love it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best fit for your home, or even for your long-term plan!

Taking a minute to consider your options when it comes to kitchen flooring can save you time, money and believe it or not…disappointment. When your project is finally complete, you want to look at your new kitchen flooring and know that it’s a perfect fit for your family, friends, lifestyle and taste. Here are a few factors to consider when it comes to redoing the flooring of this very important room in your home.

Considering the cost of your reconstruction

While it’s exciting to revamp your kitchen for the here and now, it’s important to think of resale value, especially when it comes to kitchen flooring. The kitchen easily becomes the heart of the home and all of those feet belonging to the people you’re entertaining, feeding and hosting need a surface that can keep up with their wear and look fantastic in the meantime. If your budget is flexible, granite tiles should definitely be top on your list of considerations for flooring options. While granite is a perfect fit for countertops and backsplashes as its sleek and durable, it also makes for a stunning kitchen floor that can last for years to come and up resale value dramatically.

Because granite is a natural stone, granite tiles on your kitchen floor will bring an earthy, colorful and warm feeling to your kitchen. Choosing granite tiles in dark tones is an easy way to avoid visible spills and staining. On the flip side of the coin, light granite tiles as a flooring option will open up your kitchen and easily create the illusion of space! Whatever tone you decide to go with, granite tiles are an easy to clean and are sure to last with the proper maintenance.

Additionally, if your home already has granite countertops, granite tile flooring can be an aesthetically pleasing route to pulling the room décor together. Contrasting granite colors between the countertops and flooring creates not only a very durable, but extremely balanced space for you to create amazing dishes, feed your family or host incredible get togethers!

Consider your audience

If you’re looking for no-mess and super easy to clean flooring for a house full of little ones, dark ceramic tiles with matching grout could be a long-lasting and durable option as well. While darker colors tend to shrink spaces, if you have a larger kitchen, you’ll have more options with dark ceramic tiles and the illusion of space shortage won’t be such an issue. If you are certain to be cleaning up spills on a regular basis from family or cooking adventures, you might want to consider laminate flooring. While it may not last as long as granite tiles or ceramic tiles, it’s bound to be an easy fix when food and liquid are sure to be in contact on a daily basis.

Consider the benefits of bamboo

Renovating your kitchen flooring is an exercise in fitting décor to your taste, style and needs, but many homeowners overlook the fact that it can also be a green effort. Affordable, renewable and visually appealing, bamboo flooring options are gaining popularity in homes and the benefits are great enough to understand why. One of the most renewable resources on the planet, bamboo is naturally moisture resistant and easy to clean. This makes it an ideal flooring option if you know you’re going to have messes to deal with.

When it comes to aesthetics, bamboo flooring can be ordered as tiles, planks or larger solid sections to create patterns that fit the look you’re going for. Similarly, bamboo flooring can be customized into natural or distressed looks that can create a more modern or rustic earthy feel depending on the décor you’re aiming to achieve. If you already have granite countertops in earthy-based tones, consider bamboo flooring as a way to highlight the natural stones. Depending on undertones that are present in your surfaces, bamboo can be a great highlighting feature for countertops that are already stunning in your kitchen. It’s important to note that not only does bamboo flooring give you the durability and stain resistance you need to last, but you can install it feeling good about the environmental effort your home stands for.

Whatever type of flooring you decide to go with, make sure that you’ve taken the time to consider all the options before you get ready to install. Flooring that matches your family’s needs, taste and daily lifestyle is sure to be something that will carry your home well into the future.