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Avoid Cracks, Chips, & Scratches, Oh My – Caring for Granite Countertops

Your granite countertops are inevitably beautiful additions to your home. Beyond that, they are investments in longevity and durability. Built to last, granite countertops add an unsurpassed value to your home because they have the strength to not only stand up under daily wear and tear, but go well beyond those instances and maintain their original luster and beauty.

When you’re looking for features that deliver quality that matches cost and then some, granite countertops are definitely the way to go. However, it’s important to remember that as with all good things in life, if you love it, you must take great care of it. Granite is durable on its own, but with the right amount of care and maintenance, granite countertops become features that deserve a lot of confidence because they consistently deliver on quality. Granite may be strong, but when you take care of it with the same attention you would a fragile surfacing material, you guarantee the extension of granite’s countertop lifespan within your home.

There are definitely some things that every homeowner with granite countertops want to avoid seeing in their surfaces. Rowdy kids, clumsy teenagers or even over excited adults can leave their mark on a granite countertop. Spills, splashes and dropped objects can potentially leave granite with unfortunate realities like cracks, chips and scratches. While none of these are beyond repair, they are definitely not fun or desirable. As a way to help keep you from repair central, here are a few good ways to avoid cracks, chips, scratches and keep your granite in pristine condition for longer than you can imagine!

Size up sealing options

Granite countertops are installed well-sealed, so sealing in addition to what the manufacturer has already done isn’t necessary. However, it might be worth your time to look into an additional coat if you are worried about heavy and wear and tear that your granite will encounter. While it’s not a requirement, an extra layer of sealant on those surfaces in high volume homes is only another protective barrier between your granite countertops and any potential damage.

When in doubt, wipe it down

Grime and debris that accumulates on granite surfaces over time can begin to take a bit of a toll. In order to ensure that your granite doesn’t begin to show signs of wear or deterioration, make sure to wipe down those surfaces daily and keep damaging debris far from the granite you love.

Eliminate the use of harsh chemicals

While it’s tempting to go after your granite countertops with the same chemical cleaner you use in the rest of your home, take some sound advice and keep those chemicals far from your sleek surfaces. While granite is sealed, it is a naturally porous stone and in the event there is a miniature crack in the sealant, the stone will be quick to soak up the cleaning product which will ultimately lead to wearing and damage. When it comes to cleaning up granite countertops, an easy mixture of mild soap and water should do the trick.

Avoid everything abrasive

Rough sponges or wipes built for scrubbing are never a good idea when it comes to granite. While these surfaces are built to last, harsh materials used regularly can potentially cause etch marks that are hard to hide, especially on glossy granite surfaces. To make sure and avoid this scenario, stick with microfiber cloths that are gentle on granite and are guaranteed not to damage the countertops you’ve come to love!

Be prepared for all scenarios

Sometimes, the best way to avoid any type of inadvertent damage to your granite countertops is just to be prepared for any and all situations. You can’t necessarily stop guests from spilling drinks or accidentally dropping items that might scratch, crack or chip your granite countertops. However, you can have protective items like coasters, table runners or full cloths easily accessible for special occasions.

Finding fun coasters in colors that highlight your granite is a great way to encourage guests to take these protective measures without taking away from the granite itself. Table runners make a particularly great addition to your granite countertops when you’re hosting social gatherings. It allows you to provide a space to display food without the risk of bowls and pans getting pushed around on your surfaces, possibly leaving etch marks or even chipping your granite.

If it happens, don’t panic-help is on the way

The good news for those who have granite countertops is that for every damage possibility there is a solution. Those who work with and sell granite professionally are also trained in granite repair, and the fix is just as durable as the original stone. If cracks, chips or scratches do happen, there’s no need to panic. Granite is durable and easy to fix. One quick phone call to the store you purchased your countertops from and you’ll have your granite looking like new in no time.