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Best Places For The Microwave In Your Remodeled Kitchen

One of the choices that you will need to make during your kitchen remodel is where to place small appliances such as the microwave. The location of such an appliance is crucial because it can hinder or enhance the smooth flow of traffic throughout the kitchen. Traffic flow will have an impact on the ease of prepping and cooking meals. KBR Kitchen and Bath has come up with the advantages and disadvantages of some of the spots that you can place the microwave.

In/On the Kitchen Island

This is a good option if you want to keep the microwave hidden, but still ensure that it is easily accessible. In addition, it saves storage space in the main cabinets, and makes good use of the storage space found in the kitchen island. Homeowners hardly ever capitalize on this space.

However, storing the microwave within the kitchen island will mean that you have to bend or kneel in order to access the appliance. This might cause you to strain your back and lower extremities sometimes leading to grave injuries.

Above the cooking range

Placing the microwave above the range is a good option if you are low on space.

However, if you place the microwave too high then it will be difficult for all the family members to reach it. This will diminish its purpose and functionality in the kitchen.

In a corner cabinet

Alternatively, you can opt to place the microwave in one of the angled cabinets in your kitchen. This is a good option if the kitchen corners often go unused, as placing a microwave here will capitalize on the unused space. Another advantage of placing the microwave in a corner cabinet is that it makes the appliance easier to reach and use.

However, there will still be some unused space behind the microwave, contributing to the overall wastage of space in the kitchen.