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Budget-Friendly Kitchen Upgrade Ideas

For many homeowners, upgrading their kitchen is often just a dream more than it is a reality. And, for most, it is due to the concern of cost. Having a minimal budget to work with could may you think you are never going to get the kitchen of your dreams. Fortunately, this is an untrue thought, as there are many budget-friendly ways to upgrade your kitchen, getting it as close as possible to your dream kitchen, or at least make it feel new, refreshing, and inspiring – giving you that boost you need to prepare delicious and exciting meals. Here, you will discover some of those cost-savings options for upgrading your kitchen.

#1 – Fresh Coat of Paint

The most inexpensive way to update your kitchen, making it feel much fresher, is simply by applying a new coat of paint. Feel free to switch up your color palette to something more modern that really inspires you to be creative in the kitchen. Consider colors that are inviting to your guests, as the kitchen is often the focus of entertaining. You may also want to consider creating a focal area behind the stove and sink, if a tiled backsplash is not an option. You can do this by choosing a different color – something darker and bolder – than the color you choose for the walls.

#2 – Refinish the Cabinets

If your cabinets are feeling outdated, but purchasing new ones is outside of your budget, revamp them. You have the option of sanding them down and restaining with a more modern stain color, or sanding them down and painting them. A current trend in kitchen design is white cabinetry, so this might be a good option for you. You could even consider replacing some of the door fronts with either clear or frosted glass, or leave them without a door for the open-shelving look. If you opt for white cabinets, you  can paint the interior a bright color to add an eye-catching element to the room.

#3 – Granite Countertops

One area of the kitchen you should definitely upgrade is your countertops, and granite is the recommended material to choose. It is very durable, elegant, and lasts a lifetime. With just a little dish soap and warm water, your granite countertops will look as elegant as they day they were installed for years to come. What’s even more spectacular about granite is the many different colors that are available. You are sure to find granite countertops that match your new paint color scheme to really give you the kitchen you desire.

#4 – Updated Hardware

As you think about revamping your cabinetry, do not forget the details! Cabinet hardware, such as drawer pulls, hinges, handles, and knobs are all relatively affordable and can really enhance the look of your kitchen. Check out your local home improvement store for a variety of different options that are more up to date than your current hardware. Some of the more popular finishes chosen by homeowners include stainless steel and brushed bronze. Choose a finish and material that complements the design and style of your kitchen.

#5 – Elements of Nature

It is always a good idea to bring a little bit of nature into your home, and the kitchen is a great location to use. Consider adding a miniature herb garden on your windowsill. Not only does this provide you with a ‘green’ aspect, but it also helps freshen up your meals using fresh herbs. You could also consider adding a few potted plants or flowers, but make sure that your kitchen has adequate amounts of natural light – and adequate temperature – for the types of plants you choose.

#6 – New Appliances

If your budget allows, new appliances can also be an affordable option for upgrading your kitchen. Stainless steel refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and microwaves are the top choice among homeowners, and can often be found in your local home  improvement store at on-sale prices. Checking out last year’s model may also provide you with an additional discount on price, while still being a quality appliance that is more updated that your current appliances.

These are just a few of the budget-friendly options for upgrading your kitchen to bring it into the modern design era. Just a note – many of these options, such as the new stainless steel appliances and the granite countertops can provide you a large return on investment. This means that the amount you will spend on these items actually drives the value of your home up by a significant amount. This is particularly beneficial if you are planning to sell your home in the future. These are elements that potential homebuyers are looking for and could help you get top-dollar for the sale of your home.

Keep these ideas in mind when trying to upgrade your kitchen on a budget. There is no reason you cannot have the kitchen of your dreams – the kitchen you deserve – as there are many affordable options available, including painting, refinishing your cabinets, and installing new appliances and granite countertops!