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Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Island Style

If as a homeowner, your kitchen is an essential piece to your lifestyle puzzle, chances are you’ve already considered the countless benefits of a kitchen island. Not only do they increase useable counter space, but kitchen islands can add an unsurpassed aesthetic appeal to your home that gives you some extra storage in the meantime. The beauty in a kitchen island lies in its versatility. Functional, fun and convenient, these easy-to-add kitchen features can really boost a kitchen to a new level of incredible when it comes to interior design.

No matter how you use your kitchen, a kitchen island can only benefit your kitchen’s overall efficiency factor and general appeal when it comes to resale potential in the future and daily use in the here and now. Available in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, kitchen islands can be customized to fit your family and home needs without any hassle. The hard part might just be choosing between all of the islands you love that are out there on the market! In order to keep your search and sanity intact, here are a few tips and tricks to consider when choosing the perfect kitchen island style for your home.

Understanding your basic needs

Before you get carried away on a kitchen island breeze, make sure to take a little time to evaluate how you truly use your kitchen on a regular basis. If you’re someone who generally has a lot of people in their home, whether that’s kids, teenagers or adults for social gatherings, you’ll probably want to narrow down your search to kitchen islands that provide social space and durability. In this particular scenario, a larger kitchen island that creates space for added bar stools would be ideal. Similarly, making sure you top that island with granite countertops is going to ensure that the feature not only lasts for years to come, but maintains a superior surface that survives any and all accidents and spills.

On the other hand, if you’re a person who uses the kitchen for cooking and hosts in the dining room exclusively, a central kitchen island with squared sides for maximum space to move around with dishes would be the best fit. Bar stools and extra details would get in the way, but added storage underneath could help you keep track of all of your utensils, pots and pans that are currently looking for a home.

Understand your space requirements

Kitchen island designs span the spectrum of design and are available in simple, square standard designs as well as intricate craftsmanship. It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of these stunning features, but before you purchase, it’s important to understand your kitchen’s space requirements. While choosing a large and looming granite topped kitchen island would be amazing, it might not be the best fit in a small home. You want your kitchen island to remain useful and appealing and not become a feature that takes away from the kitchen by overwhelming it. Similarly, a kitchen island that is too small for a large kitchen could get overlooked and not function as usefully as it could. Taking time to evaluate your space requirements is going to narrow down your search to an optimal set of kitchen island dimensions to choose from.

Deciding between mobile and stationary

Kitchen island designs are extremely versatile and unique in their ability to adapt to your kitchen space. If you are person who prefers an open floor plan kitchen, you may want to consider a mobile kitchen island. This style can be sized to need, but is able to be rolled from place to place depending on where it’s needed or not needed. If you do go ahead and go with a mobile kitchen island, be sure to carefully match surfacing to the rest of the kitchen. For example, you’ll want sleek granite countertops on the island to complement the surfacing throughout the kitchen as it’s moved from place to place for different events.

A stationary kitchen island comes with the added benefit of becoming a concrete part of your overall kitchen design. If you are certain of how you will be using the island, going with a stationary design is going to create a feeling of purpose within the space. Opening up bottom cabinets on a stationary kitchen island is an incredible and beautiful way to create an in-kitchen display case. Similarly, cabinet doors can easily be replaced with glass to create a dual display and storage area that provides excellence conversation starters when family and friends come to visit.

Focus in on features you love most

No matter what design you love most or how you use your kitchen, focusing in on the features you love and need in a kitchen island is the key to understanding which styles you should be looking at. If you take size, space and purpose into account, you can’t go wrong when it comes to picking the best kitchen island style to fit your taste and home.