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Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Sink for Your Style

There are countless kitchen sink styles to choose from when updating your kitchen – some of this appeal to a modern aesthetic and others that appeal to a more rustic vibe.

Below are several of the hottest kitchen sinks out there; no matter what your style, you are sure to find one that meets your needs:

Natural Stone

Natural stone is all the rage right now. According to Stone Sinks Online, “A stone sink adds an incredible work of art to your home and an essential focal point to your kitchen or bath. Unlike ordinary, mass produced sinks and bathtubs, hand crafted stone kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, vessel sinks and bath tubs have unique personalities and one-of-a-kind charm. Attractive, durable and easy to maintain, their natural sophistication will transform an ordinary room into an elegant, luxurious and comfortable environment.”

The only downside to natural stone is the need for continued cleaning to maintain the original luster. Staining can happen quickly, so be sure to clean your sink regularly using non-abrasive cleaning solutions like household dish soap or even essential oils. Avoid abrasive scrubbing tools as well, as they can damage the stone.

A Large, Single-Space Sink

Many people are drawn to this style – especially in a stainless steel finish, These large, open sinks make dish and pan cleaning a breeze, and with the stainless steel finish you can easily scrub your sink clean in no time. Select one that is deep – at least 8 inches – to get the most out of the space.

Many people like to use special add-on accessories to get even more from this style of sink, including colanders and specialty drain traps. You can choose whichever add-on accessories you would like. Be sure to choose those are are going to be used on a regular basis, as add-ons do tend to increase your overall cost.  This is particularly important to pay attention to if you are on a budget!


One of the key benefits to a large, separated sink like this is the ability to have a garbage disposal area that is completely separate from the rest of the sink. A large work area also makes food prep easy, allowing for quick washing of produce and even simultaneous use for dishwashing without potential for contaminating your food with germs or soap.

Due to the sheer size of a sink like this, you will need to have a professional install it, since it is likely that your countertop will need to be re-cut to allow for the width of your new sink. You definitely want to choose a professional so that there are no mistakes in the measurements and installation that could delay the finished product, preventing you from getting back into the kitchen quickly.


These beauties are absolutely stunning, thanks in large part to the way they “hang over” the counter allowing you to see the entire front of the sink. Depending on the material the sink is made of, this can change the entire aesthetic of your kitchen. A natural stone can create a rustic look, while stainless steel can convey a modern yet warm vibe.

While the typical layout for a farmhouse sink is a single large basin, people do also love a dual-basin setup, as it allows for more versatility and ease of use.

Granite Composite “Hidden Sink”

Thanks to the granite, this kind of sink is virtually impervious to chips or stains. It is also a perfect option for granite countertops, as it provides a seamless look that streamlines the entire kitchen. For the hidden sink look, the sink actually begins below the level of the counter, which creates a look of perfect, flawless granite with a small dip where the sink sits. This style is very modern and minimalist in its look, and is perfect for people that love the look of a very clean, crisp, organized kitchen.

All-In-One Galley Sink

Once confined only to restaurants or industrial kitchens, all-in-one sink stations are a fantastic option for home chefs that love to cook. With these sinks, all of the prep stations and cleaning stations are including in one long, galley-style configuration. You can rinse produce, put discarded food bits into the garbage disposal, slide over a cutting board for easy chopping, and transfer food directly to the stove as easily as 1-2-3.

No matter what sink you select, make sure that you select one that will grow with you and your family, and that will align with your overall vision for the kitchen. If you do not cook or do dishes much, you can get away with a smaller sink; if your kitchen is a workhorse, then you will definitely want to go a with a sink that adapts to all the ways you cook and clean.