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Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity for Your Needs

Remodeling your bathroom gives you the opportunity to not only install modern fixtures but also to improve the look, feel and flow of your bathroom. Choosing the right vanity is one of the biggest factors in your remodel, and the one that you choose will have an impact on the feel of the whole space. Whether you are working with a master bathroom remodel or a small half bath, it is important to choose the right vanity for your needs. To begin to consider making a decision about your new vanity, you will need to consider the location of the vanity, the size of the vanity and the style of the vanity that you want to install.


The first thing that you need to do is assess the area where you wish to place the vanity. Before you can determine the size of vanity you can feasibly accommodate, you have to determine how much space you have. You want to make sure that the vanity does not impede the traffic flow of the bathroom, and you need plenty of space between open cupboard doors and other fixtures. If you have a sink installed in the vanity, you will also need to place it in an area that can be accommodated by the plumbing. For example, if you want to put your vanity in a space that is far away from the toilet or shower, you will probably need to extend the plumbing lines. Finding the right vanity is important, but remember that changes in your plumbing system can significantly change your budget.


Ideally, the length of your vanity should contribute to the balance of space in your bathroom. You also need to consider the depth of the vanity. This will be a combination of how much storage space you require in the bathroom, the dimensions of the bathroom and the location of the vanity. If your bathroom is narrow, it may be better to have a vanity that has a smaller depth to prevent the vanity from interfering with access to doors. The height of your vanity should depend on who uses the vanity most. Try to avoid installing short vanities for children because as they grow up, the small sink will feel superfluous in the bathroom. You can buy aftermarket products like step stool to allow small children to access the sink.

If the size of your bathroom does not limit your vanity choices, you will also have the option to decide where you would like a single vanity, which features one sink, or a double vanity, which features two sinks. If you would prefer a two sink vanity, you will probably need a vanity that is at least 48″ wide.


After you have determined the location and the approximate size of the vanity that you require, you can begin to think about the style of the vanity. Choosing from so many different options may feel difficult but a good rule of thumb is to choose your desired countertop first and then find a vanity that matches it. When you are choosing from vanities, you will be able to choose from three basic types: wall mounted vanities, corner mounted vanities and free-standing vanities.

A wall mounted vanity is a style that will leave a space between the bottom of the console and the floor. In other words, it does not have legs or a base that touches the ground. The wall-mounted style is a very modern one, and it can make the bathroom feel as though there is more floor space. The storage that you get from this design will usually depend on the design itself. You can get some wall mounted vanities that provide only a surface and a sink while others may provide some storage.

A corner mounted vanity unit is ideal for very small spaces. A corner mounted unit will fit snugly into one of the corners of the bathroom without taking up much space. This type of vanity provides only a small amount of surface space as well as minimal storage space.

Freestanding bathroom vanities are the most popular bathroom vanities, and they resemble large cabinets with a sink built in. These vanities are best for bathrooms with plenty of space because they are often larger than the other vanities. They often provide a very generous amount of storage space by providing drawers and shelves. If you would like to install a free standing bathroom vanity but you have a small bathroom, you can actively look for vanities that are designed specifically for use in small spaces.

There are a wide variety of vanities to choose from, but it is important to choose the vanity that both fulfills your storage needs and improves the feel and flow of your bathroom. The right vanity can help you make the most of your space and by considering the location, size and style of the vanity, you can find the right vanity for your needs.