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Create a Spooky Kitchen Just in Time for Halloween

Are you planning to host some ghouls and goblins for a creepy-good time this Halloween?

You better make sure your kitchen is ready for some good old-fashioned mischief.

If you need some inspiration for making your home the go-to spot for kids and grown-ups alike, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out these ideas to give your fear-factor a boost.

Your Halloween table

Your kitchen or dining room table will pull your spooky theme together into a focal point.

Stay classic with orange and black tablecloths or get a little funkier by painting a giant white spider’s web onto a plain black cloth.

Think outside the box (coffin?) and go with a horror movie theme, such as Frankenstein or Dracula. Let your imagination run with it!

If you have a light fixture above the table, add some mummy wrap (gauze!) or a wispy artificial spider’s web.

You’ll need drippy candles and a skull centerpiece, of course!

“Floating” witch’s hats

This is an easy trick with a big impact.

Purchase as many costume witch hats as you’d like and hang them from your kitchen ceiling with tacks and fishing line.

They’ll appear to be floating, which is frightfully fun for your Halloween celebration.

Add some shelving

If you’re going all out for Halloween, chances are you decorate for most holidays.

Have you thought about adding some built-in shelving in your kitchen space?

Not only would it give you some extra storage, it would also provide an additional place for you to show off your seasonal flair all year long.

Chat with a qualified contractor to see what options you have.

Craft a creepy cauldron

What better way to serve your guests some refreshments than from a witch’s cauldron?

There really is no better way.

So, how do you do it?

Here’s a quick process for getting the perfect spooky look.

  • Buy a plastic cauldron from any store. They shouldn’t be hard to find at this time of year.
  • You can leave it plain, but to make it look like a witch has been brewing concoctions in it for eons, you have to do a little work.
  • Coat the outside of the cauldron with oatmeal and craft glue. The oatmeal should be clumpy and the entire outside surface of the cauldron should be covered with either oatmeal or glue.
  • Once it has dried a bit, spray paint it black. Add highlights with a tad bit of gold spray paint and a little gray or white here and there, too.
  • Fill it with ice and drinks for your guests.

Scary skeletons

This idea is for those truly dedicated to creating a horrific Halloween kitchen.

Place some artificial skeletons around the kitchen, posed as if they’re doing everyday jobs, like washing dishes, eating dinner, or cooking at the stove.

You’ll really be giving your friends and family something (someone!) to talk about!

reVAMP your kitchen

If entertaining is something that you and your family enjoy, you may want to consider making some permanent changes to your space.

Check out these ideas for making your kitchen a little more guest-friendly.

  • Adding an island can provide you with extra counter space, as well as some extra seating.
  • Upgrading your flooring to something that’s attractive yet durable will ensure that your floor stays in great shape, no matter how many ghouls and goblins do the Monster Mash across it.
  • Adding extra cabinets can help you to stay more organized and give you a spot to store some of your seasonal decoration.

Take the time to create the Halloween kitchen you want – one that will spook your guests in the fall and serve your family the whole year long.

For help remodeling your home, contact your local experts KBR Kitchen and Bath.