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Create Christmas Magic in the Kitchen

When the time comes to decorate for the holidays, there are plenty of routes to choose from. Some people prefer an elegant holiday look dripping with silvers and golds. At the same time, many others aim for a more familial interior feel complete with handcrafted ornaments and red and green lights. Whether you prefer to decorate for Christmas with blue lighting or glittering white icicle lights, the common theme running throughout holiday décor is…magic.

There is something magical about Christmas and it inspires us to bring that light and wonder into our very homes. Decorating for the holidays is an opportunity to express something fun and exciting while getting in touch with a little inner magic of your own. When it comes to interior decoration, your kitchen is a fantastic place to focus when you’re looking to create something fun, festive and magical for the holiday season. Here are a few ideas for bringing those childhood wonders back to life by adding some Christmas creativity to your kitchen.

A kitchen where reindeer fly

Christmas is a time to believe that anything and everything is possible…even flying reindeer! In the spirit of a magical holiday season, go ahead and hang some of those reindeer ornaments you loved as a child from the light fixtures above your kitchen island. They’ll be flying above your head as you entertain and can be something fascinating for little ones that might be running around your home.

Wrap anything and everything

Christmas is a holiday of surprises, and presents represent those greatly anticipated Christmas mornings of your childhood. To bring a little of that fun into your kitchen décor, don’t be stingy when the opportunity arises to wrap something, or anything for that matter! Choose small items that you don’t use on a daily basis and wrap them up with ribbons and bows included. It will keep guests on their toes and gives your kitchen a fun holiday flare. Take five or six of the smaller wrapped items and arrange them together on your granite kitchen countertops to create end pieces or, a creative centerpiece.

Give your granite new Christmas life

If your kitchen has darker toned granite countertops, you have a built in village setting ready to go! Just add a little fake cotton snow to your granite surfaces to create the illusion of a wintery wonderland on a dark, winter ground. Then feel free to add a variety of ceramic village home and scenery to create a magical, miniature world right in your kitchen.

Marking the days with Christmas magic

An advent calendar is a wonderful way to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Keep a calendar with small chocolate pieces to enjoy daily in your kitchen, and bring the excitement of the Christmas countdown into your culinary center. This is a particularly fun addition if you have kids around and get to see their eyes light up when they find the candy each day!

Include Santa and his sleigh

Window stickers are an easy and fun way to create Christmas magic in the kitchen this year. Pick up some silhouette Santa and his sleigh window clings to create the illusion that Santa is flying right by your own kitchen window. If you can’t track down the window clings, a silhouette can be cut out of black construction paper and adding just as easily.

Stocking stuffer chairs

If you have bar stools or chairs in your kitchen, it only takes a few simple steps to turn them into giant stocking stuffers. Using red felt, cut out the shape of a stocking and attach it to the back of a white chair cover. This creates the illusion of a giant stocking, and if you’re feeling really creative, you can even personalize each one with a family member’s name. Similarly, extra large Santa hats purchased at a local party store, will often fit over the back of chairs and can be used as festive and fun chair cover as well.

Candy cane candles for the child in all of us

Christmas easily brings to mind candy cravings of our youth, so why not glitz up your kitchen with a touch of candy cane this year? If you have a pack of those striped delights on hand, simply arrange them around a red or white candle and tie them on with a Christmas ribbon of your choosing. This is a quick and easy way to create a lot of Christmas magic on your kitchen countertops.

A little homemade goes a long way

Christmas magic often lies in the traditions we carry on in our homes and with our families. This year, don’t skimp on those fun, family projects that you know and love. Paper snowflakes and popcorn strings are all great additions to your Christmas kitchen décor and can easily be strung across cabinets, added to kitchen islands or swept across windows.