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Creating an Elegant Grey Kitchen

Your kitchen is a room in the home where you really get to make things happen. If you’re a chef of any sort, you clearly understand the importance of the kitchen and it probably brings to mind the idea of exotic scents, adventurous dishes and colorful cuisine. If you’re a homeowner that loves to host parties, the kitchen is your central hub for socialization and yummy treats on display. If your home is full of the pitter patter of little feet, than you understand the necessity of a kitchen that keeps up with the daily wear of life and provides those much needed snacks and elbow room for time spent after school.

Whatever your kitchen means to you, it’s a central space in any home that brings to mind vibrant situations and bold ideas. Which means, the color grey as a primary décor palette probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind when inspiration to redo your kitchen hits. Grey in and of itself carries a stigma of dull and drab. However, there is a lot to be said for this understated hue. If it’s done up in the right way, grey can even be the ultimate kitchen color choice to leave you with a room that’s not only elegant, but practical.

Give grey room to be a bold base color

The key to creating an elegant grey kitchen is pairing any shade of grey with the right accent to make it stand out. Grey can be an amazing canvas to get creative with if it’s set side by side with the right partner color. Choosing grey for a primary kitchen feature tone alongside a bold flooring option can really make a statement. For example, grey granite countertops will create a striking visual contrast against white tile flooring.

The lighter undertones in the granite countertops will work as focal points next to white flooring and really allow that beautiful grey feature to stand out. This means you are free to amp up the grey with any other accent color you want. Because the stark contrast exists, you won’t lose the elegant sophistication of the grey theme underneath any and all additional color schemes in your kitchen.

Give grey a sleek tone with silver accents

Pairing your grey granite kitchen countertops with silver accent pieces can give your kitchen a modern and super sleek look. Elegance exists at the crossroads of risky and classic design. Grey creates a classic tableau for silver to work with. Your kitchen décor quickly becomes a hybrid of functional and bold—which makes a real statement to those admiring it! Consider using stainless steel features in your kitchen alongside a primarily grey tone to craft consistency in your design. Sinks, backsplashes and even appliances such as toasters and coffee pots that are generally on display would work well in this theme.

Grey gives way to white

While white is a great contrasting color for grey when creating an elegant kitchen design, it doesn’t only have to be used in large spaces such as flooring. It can act as a highlighting color as well in wall décor. If you decide to incorporate grey into your flooring option, white curtains, placemats, accents or lighting appliances are all beautiful choices to add to your décor. While many homeowners avoid white as a primary hue in these situations, a grey kitchen opens up a world of possibilities.

Grey is a functional color when it comes to cleaning and evening diminishing the appearance of stains or debris in your kitchen. This means the risk to white accent pieces is diminished and you’re free to pick and choose where you use them! Creating an elegant grey kitchen means putting a little risk factor into other décor choices and the final result will be stunning!

Let lighting guide the way to your grey kitchen

While the color grey might bring to mind a solid tone, grey comes in a variety of shades and primary kitchen features like grey granite countertops tend to play host to many of them. This means that grey undertones, both dark and light can be played up or down with the proper lighting scheme. Take time to determine which lighting brings out the best in your grey kitchen features and you’ll find yourself the owner of not only an elegant kitchen, but a flexible one. Lighting is a small factor that makes a big difference in a grey kitchen, and can make all the difference when setting a specific atmosphere for an event. Choose lighting appliances that work well as accent pieces and you’ll have successfully created a double dose of elegant in your new grey kitchen.

No matter what shade, type or amount of grey you consider choosing, don’t let any preconceived notions of the color keep you from using it to craft a kitchen that inspires. Grey might just be the key to giving your kitchen the bold boost it’s been needing!