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Decorating for Thanksgiving Dinner

It is finally your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, the stress of getting dinner ready for all those guests has left your brain with the inability to come up with some amazing Thanksgiving dinner decoration ideas. You are in luck, however, as you have landed here, where you can discover some of the easiest and affordable ways to wow your guests – not only with your food, but your amazing taste in Thanksgiving décor.

#1 – Pumpkin Centerpieces

It is traditional to put flowers in a vase, but there is another way to display the wonderful colors of fall flowers. The pumpkins you intended to carve for Halloween make a perfect vessel for floral displays. All you need to do is purchase a bunch of fall flowers from the craft store. Make sure the metal stems are hearty enough to push through the thick skin of the pumpkin. Cut the stems into individual flowers and push through the pumpkin skin, creating one massive ball of flowers. Be sure to leave the pumpkin stem sticking out. These floral pumpkins can be placed at the center of your Thanksgiving table, or as a decorative item on your granite countertop island that is serving as your buffet table.

#2 – Glass Jars & Pinecones

Perhaps the most inexpensive Thanksgiving decoration is available right in your own backyard. If you have pine trees near your home, you might want to consider gathering up some pinecones. Large pinecones can be placed around your kitchen on your granite countertops on their own. Smaller pinecones can be placed in glass jars and set around the countertops in your kitchen, the end tables in your living, and anywhere in your home that could benefit from a little ‘sprucing’ up.

#3 – Indian Corn Wreath

There is no rule that says Thanksgiving decorating excludes the outdoors. In fact, you can dress up your front door with some Indian corn. All you need are a bunch of Indian corn cobs with the husk still on, pushed to the bottom of the cob. Align your corn cobs in a circle, with the husk pointing out, and attach them using jewelry wire or hot glue them to a sturdy cardboard base cut in the shape of a wreath. Attach a hanger and place on your front door. This gives your guests the feeling that there is something wonderful and exciting awaiting them in your home.

#4 – Mini Pumpkin Vases

There is more than one way to use a pumpkin for decoration, and here’s another. Cut the tops off of mini pumpkins – orange, white, and beige – and scrape out the pumpkin pulp. This creates a little vase that you can stuff with real or fake flowers, with a little floral grass for an added natural touch. Using different sizes, you can align the pumpkins down through the center of your dining table. You could also place them around your granite island or countertop where you have set up the buffet. This adds colorful elements as well as a natural feeling.

#5 – Frames on Fireplace Mantle

If you have a mantle in your home, or a large buffet that can hold your food and décor, then this idea is for you. All you need are some old picture frames. Remove the glass and hardware from each of the frames. It is recommended that you use different sizes, colors, and wood tones. Place them on the back wall of your buffet table or fireplace mantle. Use a burlap sack cut open as the cloth underneath. Place little décor elements, such as mini pumpkins, a vase with natural elements, or even pinecones on top of the burlap. If your frames are beat up, scratch, or stripped from paint, that can make the overall display look even more natural.

#6 – Bright Colors

No matter what decorating ideas you want to include, think about the bright colors of the fall. Add floral displays of fresh flowers in a vase to your table and granite countertop, mixing up the colors in each vase. Bright oranges, bright yellows, dark reds, dark greens, and browns are the perfect colors to add to your Thanksgiving décor. You can even use brightly colored napkins, dishes, and serving bowls to bring even more color to the space.

Before you get overwhelmed at the idea of guests arriving, cooking a feast, and having room for everyone, take a deep breath. Get your guests talking about something other than the meal not being ready on time by decorating your home with these amazing Thanksgiving decorating ideas. Add your own little touch to each of them, by choosing your own flowers, styles and sizes of pumpkins, and your own old frames you have out in the garage. Each little piece you add can make a wonderful display, creating the warm feeling a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends is meant to create.