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Design Element of an Italian Style Kitchen

Whether it is your family’s heritage or not, there is just something charming, romantic, and relaxing about the thought of an Italian style kitchen. Maybe it is just the idea that Italy is such a beautiful country to visit, or the thought of delicious Italian dishes – pasta, pizza, desserts, and more, but there is definitely something that draws people in, driving them to design an Italian kitchen. However, before you sit down at your new kitchen table to enjoy a cheesy bite of homemade pizza, you need to know where your Italian style kitchen should begin. Here are a few ideas and design elements that cannot be forgotten when planning your new kitchen, that is, if you want it to have that Traditional Old World Italy feeling.

Colors are an Important Part of Italian Kitchens

Rustic is the main theme here, and you want to think about the warm colors that shine bright during a Tuscany sunset. This will include a palette of warm golds, oranges, and yellows, all of which are the perfect choice for wall color. To add a bit of contrast, you want to think about cool colors, such as bright greens and blues. These are excellent options for creating a glass tiled backsplash. In addition, you will want to add a dark colored granite countertop in a neutral shade that has hints of the warm golds, yellows, reds, and oranges.

Furniture Selection Makes a Difference

Another element you will need to think about when creating an Italian style kitchen is furniture. It would not make sense to have contemporary furniture in this kitchen at all. Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, and you will want to share those amazing Italian dinners with many friends and family, a large harvest table is an excellent option. Opt for dark wood planks with a natural feeling, long wooden benches for the sides and large chairs at the ends of the table.

Flooring Selection Matters

In keeping with the Italian theme, you will want to ensure that you choose a proper flooring material. Essentially, because you are going for rustic Italian with a natural feeling, you will want to choose a natural flooring, such as wood or stone. In most true Italian kitchens, you will find stone flooring, such as neutral colored ceramic tile or terra cotta flooring tiles. However, there is nothing wrong with choosing a natural hardwood flooring that has a little bit of wear and tear, visually speaking.

Lighting Sets the Mood

It is possible that you already have lighting in your kitchen, especially if you are remodeling. However, it is important that you go the extra mile and replace the lighting you currently have so that the finished product meets the theme of the rustic Italian kitchen you so desire. First and foremost, you want to avoid lighting fixtures that have a modern style. This would include track lighting and fluorescent task lighting. You want to choose wrought-iron chandeliers and sconces, or other lighting fixtures that have that old-world charm. Avoid lights that are contemporary or shiny, and choose muted metal finishes instead.

Accessories Round out the Design

Once you have the main elements in place – or at least in the design plan – you will want to think about accessories. After all, the accessories are what will round out the total design of the space, really bringing the feelings of Italy into your home. Creating your own herb garden not only serves as a great way to add fresh herbs into your dishes, but also serves as a decorative piece. Fill clay pots with potting soil and herb seeds and place them on the windowsill.

You can also display brightly colored dishes on open shelving, or on a plate rack. One good option is Majolica pottery, but you can choose any type that you are particularly drawn too. It is the bright colors that will really bring the space together, especially if you choose colors that correlate with the glass tile backsplash you created.

Just a few more tips –

  • When adding accessories, always choose antiques over new items. This helps keep the Old-World charm feeling.
  • Add a pots and pans rack over your center kitchen island. Not only does this provide easy access to the kitchen tools you use the most, but it also adds to the rustic feeling.
  • Place rustic pitchers filled with flowers around the room, or as a centerpiece on your dining table. Cracked, chipped, or in perfect condition, this adds to the Old World feeling.
  • Place fruits and vegetables in rustic-styled bowls on the granite countertops or the large wooden table. 

There are many elements of a rustic Italian style kitchen that you will need to consider to develop the space. Taking the time to plan where each piece will be is key in the overall design. Have fun designing the space, and remember to check out antique stores before heading to the large department stores for accessories.