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Designing the Ultimate Entertaining Kitchen

The word kitchen brings many important and different things to mind for homeowners everywhere. For some, the kitchen is the culinary center of the home, exclusively designed for creating delicious dishes for family and friends on a regular basis. For others, it may be the social heartbeat of the house.

Whatever role the kitchen plays in your home, it’s inevitable that it’s a space built on a lot of activity. A kitchen in its essence provides for the people you love. Whether it’s a long conversation at the dinner table, catching up with a quick talk over the island or the hosting of a large gathering complete with meals and desserts, the kitchen is vital and when seen in this light, it’s no wonder so much goes into its design.

Those who love to entertain seem to feel particularly connected to their kitchen designs. Every aspect of the space is built in relationship to how it can serve others. Designing a kitchen built for the ultimate entertainment experience is an exercise in strategy and aesthetic appeal. Where the two meet, an amazing hosting experience will emerge!

Live it up with lighting schemes

A kitchen designed for entertainment will need to have lighting options for every occasion. Not every event requires the same atmosphere and lighting plays a huge role in setting the stage for a party or gathering. When designing a kitchen for entertainment, be creative with lighting options and fixtures. Installing a system that allows your lighting to take you seamlessly from day to night activities will give you the flexibility to set a mood with ease.

A unique lighting technique to consider would be track lighting. Not only does it give you the ability to light or dim nearly every corner of your kitchen, but it can highlight some of the features you love the most. If your entertaining kitchen hosts granite countertops, the right lighting can bring out the naturally occurring sparkle in your surfacing. If your event is made for glitz and glamour, this could be the perfect kitchen addition with nothing more than the flip of a switch.

Get the party going with granite countertops

Not only are they easy to clean when the event comes to a close, those who love to entertain will also love the sophisticated and ultra-durable touch that granite countertops add to a kitchen. Easy to match to everyday décor and similarly dress up for moments when you’re entertaining, granite provides an unsurpassed flexibility for use in the home.

Add an island

A kitchen island complete with bar stools can be a sure way to give your kitchen a bar-esque feeling when friends and family come to have a great time. Combined with granite countertops you’ll soon find you’ve created a moisture resistant surface that’s perfect for displaying drinks and serving up something delicious while friends linger.

Keep counter space a priority

The number one rule of entertaining is to have enough to keep your guests happy. There’s nothing worse than attending a party only to find they’ve run out of your favorite goodies within moments. Having enough to entertain equates to having the space to display and hold everything you’ve worked hard to create. Ultimately, this means that a kitchen designed for entertaining must maximize counter space at all costs. Having sufficient space for guests to lean their elbows, converse, gather and have access to food and snacks is essential if you’re going to provide an amazing experience for those you love!

Protecting precious possessions

If you’re planning on hosting plenty of people in your kitchen, you’ll want to take items that are important to you into consideration. As a way to maximize entertaining space and protect items you love, make sure to design with storage options in mind. Including hidden storage space under a kitchen island or above cabinets is a great way to be able to put away daytime items you want to protect without diminishing the overall look of your entertaining design.

The benefits of open shelving options

Open shelving or cabinet units can be a great way to create flexible design in your kitchen made to entertain. Having open displays like these tend to provide the space you need to switch up your decor seasonally or according to the type of event you’re hosting. Open shelves and cabinets are also a great way to incorporate color into your design that can be changed up if your kitchen leans towards neutral tones. Consider painting the back of cabinets or the edges of shelves in a bold hue to give your kitchen entertainment space a pop of color that brings each and every gathering to life. Similarly, you’ll easily be able to switch out and display different dishware required for each event. Picking contrasting colors between dishes and open shelving is a great way to set a theme in your kitchen without having to change much up at all.