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DIY Don’ts: 3 Projects You Shouldn’t Attempt on Your Own

You can brush your own teeth, but you wouldn’t try to remove your own gallbladder.

Giving your vehicle an oil change might save you some money, but you can’t make your own gasoline.

The point is this – there are some home projects that you shouldn’t try to tackle on your own.

After all, professionals are experts for a reason.

Here are the projects that you should NOT try to DIY.

Wall removal

If you’re envisioning yourself taking out a wall with a sledgehammer, stop right there.

Sure, it looks cool on TV.

But, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes and ignoring some of those processes could have dire consequences.

Professionals know how to if a wall is load-bearing or if it’s cosmetic.

They also have ways of determining if asbestos or any other harmful substances are present.

Of course, there’s also the enormous hassle (and cost) associated with getting rid of all the debris.

If you’re interested in taking on a project like creating a bigger kitchen by removing a wall, call a trusted contractor.

Involved plumbing work

A clogged drain is an issue you can handle on your own.

Anything much more advanced than that and you need to call in back-up in the form of a plumber.

Otherwise, you risk water damage and costly repairs.

For example, you’re remodeling your bathroom and you’re trying to save as much money as possible.

You may watch a YouTube video that shows you how to replace pipe fittings with a kit – no soldering involved.

Everything seems A-okay until water starts leaking through your ceiling, under your stairs, and down the front of your home.

Now, you not only have a plumbing problem, you’ve got a potentially dangerous mold issue, too.

A professional contractor will save you a ton of trouble and a fair amount of money.

Installation of certain items

You think you’ve got everything under control.

Until your “helpful” friend can’t hold up his end of your new granite countertops.

Suddenly, you’ve got two-for-the-price-of-one but not in a good way.

The pros have the right tools and the know-how to perform tasks correctly.

Safety first

The caution to have a professional on hand for certain tasks isn’t only because you could damage your property.

You could also harm yourself or the other people who live in your home.

It’s extremely dangerous for you to take on jobs like installing gas appliances or electrical work.

For example, a gas leak could cause an explosion or could kill your family while you sleep.

You could electrocute yourself with a wrong wiring move, or cause a fire.

The bottom line

There are a lot of home maintenance and repair projects that you can do yourself without fear of harming your property, your family, or yourself.

But, the truth is, some jobs just aren’t meant to be DIY-ed

The idea of saving money is great, but a failed project will often end up costing you much more than it would have had you called a pro in the first place.

Be smart and let the pros handle what they do best.

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