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Easy Ways to Make Small Kitchens Look Spacious

Some people feel limited on what they can do with a smaller kitchen when there is no room for additional counters or cabinets. Even if you cannot add to your kitchen, there are many ways to make the space appear larger. There are many ways to make your kitchen seem much larger than the actual square footage. To accomplish this, you have to understand the effect color, lighting, reflective surfaces, and color have on your kitchen design.

Choose Color Carefully

If you want your kitchen to look more spacious, lighter colors are the key to creating the illusion of space. White is usually the first color people think of when considering light colors and for good reason. White is the best for reflecting light to make your kitchen space appear larger. However, you can paint your kitchen walls any light shade of color from yellow to blue. To increase the appearance of more space, you also want your cabinet color to be a lighter hue. Many homeowners choose to make their cabinets the same base color as the walls with a darker accent color in the grooves of the cabinet or the hardware. You have to be careful going this route; it can cause your kitchen to take on a plain appearance without accent details.

A nice alternative to this idea is to install glass front cabinets with edging that matches your wall color. Glass cabinet fronts will allow light to pass through them and expand the depth of your kitchen. Just be sure to keep the inside of your cabinets clean and organized because clutter can destroy the appearance of space.  

Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Light is a very important part to making your kitchen seem larger, especially when it comes to natural light. While drapery will look nice in most kitchen designs, you want to avoid it in a smaller kitchen. Drapes can make a room seem heavier; instead opt for built-in shutters on your windows that provides privacy at night without taking up visual space in your smaller kitchen. The more natural light you can let into your kitchen, the better it can reflect off surfaces and expand your space.

If lots of natural light is not an option in your kitchen, then choose fixtures and light bulbs that mimic the warmth and glow of natural light. Installing warm, under-cabinet lighting can add more light to your countertops for reflection in your kitchen. You can also utilize lighting tricks to expand the reach of natural light in your kitchen with the light colors of the walls and cabinets to expand the amount of reflective surfaces.

Increase Reflective Surface

Now that you have the right lighting in your kitchen, it is time to increase the amount of reflective surfaces you have in your home. The light colored walls and glass-front cabinets is a start to your reflective surfaces. Next you want to install a countertop with a high shine surface. The best countertop materials for this are marble, ceramic tile, or granite countertops. Each of these have their own reflective benefits to make a kitchen appear larger – just be sure to choose a pattern in your counters that is light and minimal so it does not eat up the visual space in your kitchen. To add more reflective surfaces, add stainless steel appliances to promote a sharp and clean kitchen design. The floors should have a glossy finish to it, so try a high-polished wood, marble, or reflective tile.  

Reduce Clutter

The one thing you do not want to have in your small kitchen is clutter. Clutter takes up the visual space in the kitchen needlessly, giving your kitchen less room to breathe. Only keep items on the countertops that are necessary for everyday meal prep and store the rest. You can also utilize creative storage solutions to add more storage space in your kitchen. Consider an in-wall pantry, utilizing space between large appliances and the countertops, and adding shelving above your cabinets. Reduce clutter wherever you can and use minimal decor to help increase the space in your kitchen.