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Elements Of The Right Kitchen Cabinetry

Many homeowners remodel their kitchens in order to increase the resale value of their homes. Others do it because they want to inject life into their old kitchens. Whatever your reasons for remodeling your kitchen, there are some key ingredients to consider. KBR Kitchen and Bath has broken down these ingredients for your consideration.

  1. Layout

One of the most important elements of kitchen cabinetry is the kitchen layout. While remodeling, it is prudent to focus on an open plan, as well as a multifunctional space. An open plan kitchen will allow you or your buyers to multitask while in the kitchen.

  1. Symmetry

Symmetry is essential when it comes to amazing kitchen cabinetry. All the wall cabinets should be the same size as much as possible. If you have large drawers, ensure that they are the same size, although this will mostly depend on the number of drawers.

Consistency is key here, thus avoid having several cabinets with varying sizes.

  1. Quality

Like in most things in life, go with quality over quantity when it comes to kitchen cabinetry. Having fewer cabinets will also be cost effective. Go for high quality runners, hinges, and custom-designed cabinets. However, you need to avoid excessively large fillers or cabinets that are oddly shaped.

  1. Color

Whether you are remodeling for sale or for self, your target audience needs a light and airy kitchen. The best way to achieve this is by incorporating white color. White makes a space look bigger and much more airy than it really is. Thus, incorporate white cabinets to make the room appear more spacious.

Using dark-colored cabinets can make the space feel a little claustrophobic. This may be a big disappointment to potential buyers.

The backsplash should also be neutral if you are remodeling for resale. Focus more on the texture of the backsplash rather than the color.