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Farmhouse Styles for Modern Bathrooms

Most people regard the farmhouse style as being completely outdated. However, the functionality as well as how practical the style can be is some of the best reasons that you should incorporate this style in your bathroom remodel. KBR Kitchen and Bath has gathered a few amazing ideas on how to apply a farmhouse style in a modern bathroom.

Make it seem like it was a spare room

If you are a true farmhouse style enthusiast, then you probably know that farmhouse owners simply converted the spare bedroom into a bathroom by running plumbing into the room. Most of these transformed bathrooms had awkward angles, and were more spacious than the bathrooms we have today. In addition, unlike today, the orientations of the sink, toilet, and bathtubs were rarely aligned.

You can achieve the same look during your remodel by having your designer pitch the ceiling down at odd angles. Furthermore, ask the contractors to install antique wooden floors in the bathroom. These steps will help you achieve a more authentic farmhouse style bathroom.

Go for aged or traditional finishes

You will not find stainless steel finishes in a farmhouse style bathroom. Instead, you are more likely to encounter nickel finishes for the faucets and knobs. The goal here is to use finishes that will definitely look less refined as time goes by.

Minimize on the decorations

Farmhouse style bathrooms were built for practicality and function, and so they had very little in the way of decorations and accessories. You need to refrain from over-decorating, and paying too much attention on how things in the bathroom look if you want to completely and authentically represent the farmhouse style decor. Your focus should be on enhancing the functioning of the features including repurposing some of them so that they can achieve higher functions.