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Get Organized in 2015 with these Kitchen Storage Ideas

With a new year on the horizon comes the opportunity to change those things in life that were bothering you the year before. 2015 holds incredible potential when it comes to organizing your life, home, family and anything in between. Don’t be afraid to try something new this year when it comes to simplifying your life.

In your home, the kitchen often plays the role of a centralized social space. It’s an area where family and friends gather daily to eat, talk, laugh and sometimes, just spend a little time together. That being said, it’s important that your kitchen be a place where people are free to move around and storage has a lot to do with that being a possibility. A kitchen that is cluttered or messy doesn’t easily facilitate social encounters or easily maneuvered cooking adventures. This year, make kitchen organization a priority by maximizing your storage space in order to stay organized. The following are some unique and easy way to maximize storage space in your kitchen in 2015.

Utilize the island daily

If you have a kitchen island, you can understand the benefit of the added counter space. Unfortunately, that extra counter space too often ends up being the landing spot of a lot of extras in your household and soon may be lost under the clutter of papers, plates or anything else that gets dropped in your kitchen’s path. This year, increase storage in your island by adding shelves underneath to create space for all of those extras that helps leave the countertop open for use. Similarly, baskets can be added to island shelving to keep items separated and tucked away during social gatherings. If you really want to maximize space, consider the addition of a kitchen island on wheels. This allows for extra counter space when needed, and additional storage space is available with just a roll to the left or right!

Lift and let your countertops shine

Some of the most notorious clutter items that tend to cover our kitchens are fruits. Taking simple steps to incorporate organizational tools such as a banana rack or fruit hammock will get food items off the counter and out of the way in no time at all. Additionally, if your kitchen has granite countertops, you’re going to want to keep those stunning surfaces visible. These lifted organizers keep food fresh while allowing your countertops underneath to shine!

Get vertical with your storage solutions

Sometimes it’s necessary to think in new direction in order to maximize your storage potential in the kitchen. While you may be used to drawers that pull out in the traditional manner, there’s no rule against vertical open drawers that allow you to see items from both sides! This is an easy solution to those pots and pans that tend to take up space because you forgot they were shoved in the back of a cabinet.  Vertical drawers pull entirely out of the wall and allow all kitchen objects to be visible on command. Similarly, they easily tuck away when not in use and because they are thinner, allow for more drawers to be added!

Separate to simplify

Storage solutions in your kitchen are most successful when they are centered around simple functionality. Being able to find what you need is the first and most important step in your organizational strategy. Often this means taking what works in one area and transferring those qualities to another. For example, drawer dividers that work wonders for your forks, spoons and knives aren’t exclusively built for that drawer alone. Try adding dividers to other drawers and using them to store and divide some of those tricky kitchen items such as spices, extra pepper and salts or even napkins! Much like the storage items that lift items off of countertops, getting these smaller items off of kitchen surfaces and into organized drawers is going to open up and highlight features you love like your granite countertops.

Get crafty to create more space

Shelves are a great way to create more storage space and your kitchen is no exception to the shelving rule. Feel free to go ahead and add some fun, colorful or unique shelves to your kitchen décor and use them as an easy way to increase space. If you have extra napkins or utensils hanging around and you’re not sure what to do with them, try lining up mason jars on a shelf and using those as crafty containers for holding those miscellaneous items you want, but aren’t sure what to do with. This technique frees up space in your glassware section as mason jars are moved to shelving, and keeps your drawers free from utensils you most likely won’t be using on a daily basis.