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Halloween Décor Ideas for the Bathroom

Decorating your home for Halloween lends itself to all kinds of creative. Picking out your Halloween décor can easily shift between cute, quaint, spooky, and scary or some type of mix of them all! The beauty of the holiday lies in its versatility. No matter what type of Halloween plans you have, or parties you’re designated to host, there is a little something for everybody out there.

When you begin planning your Halloween decorations, there are a few landmark location that immediately come to mind. The front yard is a big one when it comes to making your home a memorable Halloween locale. This is closely followed by the entryway, living room and kitchen. All are visual and social spaces that immediately capture the attention of family and guests alike. However, possibly the most overlooked and underutilized room in the house when it comes to getting really creative in the Halloween decorating department is—the bathroom!

While it seems obvious, it’s typical to look past the fact the fact that this is one room in the home every person inhabits alone at one point or another. So why not take the time to really spruce up your bathroom in Halloween spirit and give your guests something to remember? The following are a few spook-tastic ideas for giving your home’s bathroom a Halloween make over.

Get your gloves on
The best part about decorating a bathroom for Halloween is that it only takes a little to do a lot. Bathrooms are usually smaller spaces in the home, and therefore, you can really hone in on the details in order to make a spooky scene. For example, find a pair of simple black winter gloves and attach them to either side of your toilet paper roll to make it look like hands are coming out of your wall! The gloves are pieces you most likely have lying around the house and guests will find this Halloween touch both cute and maybe a little creepy too!

Creative cobwebs
One of the cheapest Halloween items on the market and possibly the most visually effective is fake webbing. Feel free to use this in abundance in your bathroom. In small spaces, it gives the appearance of truly being a run-down haunted home and in dim lighting, only increases the spooky atmosphere. However, do pay attention to where you hang fake cobwebs in the bathroom as the water is generally going to be running often and the last thing you need is a cotton ball mess. Try focusing in on the tops of the shower curtain, over the mirror and around the top of towel holders.

Pumpkin paper
For a touch a little more on the cute side, pick up a few pieces of orange wrapping paper and take to your toilet paper rolls. Re-wrapping extra toilet paper rolls that sit in your bathroom in orange and adding a fake green stem gives your guests a quaint touch and also keeps your bathroom supplied in Halloween style.

Mirror messages
When a character finds a message written on a mirror in the movies, it’s usually a horror flick and the words are more of a bloody omen. If you’re looking for the effect without the fear, try using washable paint and writing funny jokes or silly Halloween lines on your mirror while letting the paint drip a little. You’ll still get the gruesome effect, but you’ll avoid the terror when your guests are trying to find a little peace and quiet.

Add some eyes
Halloween is about the unexpected and when you’re decorating your bathroom for the holiday, feel free to incorporate this theme into your ideas. For example, try adding some big fake eyes to the top of the toilet seat. Giving the porcelain throne a jack-0-lantern type mug will give guests a laugh and earn you points in the creativity department.

Giving granite some accent pieces
If you’ve invested in some great everyday bathroom pieces like granite countertops or marble finishing, it can be hard to want to cover them up, even if it’s just for the holiday. However, it’s possible to get creative and also highlight the bathroom features you’re proud of as well. If you have darker toned granite countertops, consider a simple lineup of bright orange, mini pumpkins across the back. This is going to make the color of your granite stand out and if you dim the lights or change them out for black, might even bring out some natural sparkle!

Give it a little gore
If you’re in charge of hosting an adult party and can push the limits on the gore-factor, try adding some red washable paint splatter to your shower curtain and take guests back to horror-movies past. It’s just enough of a spooky touch to make you Halloween bathroom décor memorable.