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How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity that Sets Off Your Space

Planning for a new bathroom can be an enjoyable experience.

From choosing colors to the flooring that’s perfect, you get to make a lot of fun decisions.

Of course, practicality has to come into play, too.

Especially when it comes to picking the right vanity for your new bathroom.

Whether you’re sprucing up your existing space or starting from scratch, there are some things you need to know before you start vanity shopping.

Size it up

The first step is to find the right size vanity.

You’ll need your bathroom’s floorplan, including where the plumbing is located.

Once you know where the vanity will go, you’ll be able to determine how big it can be.

Focus on these important measurements.

  • Height. The height of the faucet is important to consider if you have an existing medicine cabinet, mirror, or light fixtures.
  • Width. Don’t forget to account for the space doors need to open.
  • Depth. Remember that you have to be able to walk around your bathroom without hitting any corners.

There are a few more elements that you have to think about.

Number of sinks

Your ability to have two sinks will depend on the available width to place your vanity. For example, 48 inches is the smallest space in which to place two sinks.

If you’re near that range, you’ll have to think about how much counter space you want. Obviously, having two sinks will decrease the surface space you’ll have available.


You’ll most likely be getting a freestanding sink or one that gets mounted on the wall.

If your bathroom project is a simple renovation, it’s easiest to go with the same type of vanity you already had so you don’t have to change up the plumbing.

Choose your sink style

Once you have a handle on the measurements, it’s time to think about sinks. Keep in mind that the sink is almost always included with the vanity.

There are four main styles to choose from.

  • An undermount sink goes underneath the counter.
  • A vessel sink sits on top of the counter and comes in different shapes, like square or bowl.
  • A drop in is mounted so that the edges sit on the counter and the basin hangs below.
  • With an Integrated sink, the countertop and sink are all one piece.

You have options

Some styles of vanities come with a backsplash that’s made of the same material as the sink.

The other aspect of your sink and vanity that you can get creative with is the faucet.

There are some vanities that come with a faucet, but usually, you get the fun of choosing one for yourself.

Get expert advice

For the most seamless and hassle-free bathroom remodel, renovation, or build, be sure to consult a contractor you trust.

You want someone with the knowledge and skills to tackle your project in an efficient and professional way.

Make your dream bathroom a reality with a vanity that fits in your space and suits your unique style.

For help remodeling your home, contact your local experts KBR Kitchen and Bath.