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How to Create a Family-Friendly Kitchen

For many families, a kitchen is more than just a space to prepare meals. It is the place where you bond, work on science projects, celebrate birthdays and watch your family grow. With so many activities happening at the same time, kitchens often take the brunt of the work in the house. One of the best ways to keep your kitchen accessible, clean and organized is to add some family-friendly features while you are remodeling.

Having a family-friendly kitchen is not the same as having a kid-friendly kitchen. When you install family-friendly tools and features, they will grow with your family. These features will continue to have benefits as your children grow up and after they leave home to start their own families. To make your kitchen remodel last as long as possible, you need to set up a plan to create a kitchen that works for you now and when your circumstances change.

Creating this plan requires serious thought about your current kitchen. You should take some time to think about the way that the kitchen is used. Is the kitchen used by only adults? Or are kids active in the kitchen? Who does most of the cooking? Do pets spend time in the kitchen as well?

You should think about not only who uses the kitchen, but how they use it. Are your children budding chefs? Is everyone required to make their own breakfast? Or do you have family meals every day?

Before you write up your plan, take a day to become conscious of what you do in the kitchen. Think about how you move in the space. You should also think about the ways that you could make using the kitchen easier for yourself and for the other members of your family. One of the best things you can do to prepare for a kitchen remodel plan is to write down a list of things that work in the kitchen and things that do not work. Also include a list of anything that you feel is sorely lacking in the room.

All of these questions and answers will inform your remodel plan. Having these ideas in your mind is a huge asset when you begin to look at floor plans, materials, storage and even new appliances. These features will form the basis of your kitchen remodel.

To consider the new and improved features of your kitchen, you should break them down into groups. For example, when you begin looking for surfaces, you should think about the kind of surface your family requires. If the kitchen is a buzzing center of activity in your home, you will want surfaces that are both easy to clean and can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life.

If you are working on a small budget, you might consider laminate surfaces. Laminate surfaces are easy to clean. If laminate is bumped or bruised, you won’t feel the need to shed tears. If you have a higher budget, you might consider granite or quartz countertops. Some of these surfaces are not only easy to clean but have anti-bacterial properties as well.

Adding a kitchen island to the room has more benefits than just adding a work space. It is a great way to transform the kitchen from a room where someone prepares food into a more family and entertainment oriented room. A kitchen island can provide space for kids to work on activities while meals are being prepared. As your family grows, it can also become the center of entertainment for gatherings and parties.

Creating an open plan in the main living areas of the home is about more than just creating more light and better circulation. If you have an open plan kitchen and living area, it can add more time for togetherness instead of leaving part of the family isolated in the kitchen. It is also a great way to add the comfort of your living room to the comfort of your kitchen, making it a more accessible space.

Another big thing to consider in a kitchen remodel is storage space. Storage space can be made family friendly without compromising the long-term plan for the kitchen. You may consider adding lower drawers that can be reach by children. You can fill them with kid-friendly foods to begin to teach them how to be self-sufficient. You may even add some extra storage that can be used for toys for smaller children. Having more storage space almost always translates into a more valuable kitchen no matter what you use it for.

Creating a family-friendly kitchen is a great way to add value to your home by making it both accessible and adaptable for your family’s needs now and in the future.