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How to Find Your Kitchen Style

When most people consider a kitchen remodel, they spend quite a lot of time doing research, especially looking at photographs. However, this doesn’t necessarily help someone figure out what they want in the kitchen, and they are often confusing. Most people do not have a single favorite design, and this can be tough when it comes to narrowing down the options. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help you focus and to find your kitchen style:

Start Collecting Images

The first thing to do is to start collecting images of kitchen elements you like and those that you can picture in your new home. As you begin to collect these images, you will start to notice a pattern, and if you don’t notice it yourself, you can be sure that your kitchen designer will notice it. Even if you aren’t sure if you like something or not, it is best to keep anything you may like in your “like” pile at the beginning.

Don’t Edit Your Choices…Yet

Some people make themselves crazy when they collect images and ideas because they try to edit out their choices as they collect. Many designers suggest adding any image you may like to your collection from the start and don’t worry about editing your choices until later. If you start editing your options, you can be sure that you will stop the creative process.

Organize Your Ideas, But Only If You Want To

It is OK to be unorganized during this process, and even if you get messy with your ideas, remember that creativity isn’t meant to be neat and tidy. Though you can certainly organize your ideas in a computer folder, on a site such as Pinterest, or even in a paper folder, it isn’t necessarily. There is plenty of time to get organized before the final decision, and you don’t want anything to ruin your creative process at this time.

Begin Looking for a Professional

After you get several design ideas, you will likely want to start looking for a design professional. Some homeowners want to work with a professional from the start to help them to gather inspiration, while others do not often look to a professional until they are ready to start the renovation. The job of a designer is to listen to their clients, interpret their ideas, and to collect design elements that bring these ideas to fruition. Most contractors include this service with their work.

Start the Categorization Process

After you have collected a number of images to work with, and you have found a designer and contractor, you can now begin the categorization process. Many people choose to categorize their images by style, or others categorize the images by type of image, i.e. countertops, sinks, lighting. If you need help with this, this is a great time to talk to your contractor, as they will have a better idea of what you are shooting for at this point, and how you should best begin the process of narrowing down your choices.

Edit Your Choices

Now that all of your ideas are categorized, you can begin the editing process. While doing this, you should take notes on which ideas bring about an emotional response and which do not. It has likely been several weeks since you have seen many of your images, and your tastes may have changed over this time. This editing process can help you to clarify things when it comes to your designs, and you make look at a photo and think, “Why did I save this?” If you can’t remember choosing the photo, or if it does not speak to you at this point, throw it out.

Collect Your Images With Good Intentions

Now that you have started the process of narrowing down your ideas, it is time to focus and get serious about what your intentions. You should have all of your images categorized, edited and saved, and at this point, you should be working with a designer, who should have also brought some ideas to the table. Your designer should have focused on a design theme at this point, such as modern, classic or traditional, and you can further look for ideas by searching only within these design elements. For instance, if you and your designer have discovered that your taste is modern, and you are still struggling with choosing your lighting elements, you can now specifically focus on modern lighting fixtures.

Knowing your taste in design and decor is a long process, and it is not something that you should rush. Remember, you will likely have this kitchen for at least a decade, and likely even longer, so it is important that you are steadfast in your decision.  Once the process starts, it can be difficult to make changes, as many of the design elements must be ordered ahead of time, and it can be costly to change your mind.