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How to Maximize Your Kitchen Corners

When undertaking a kitchen remodel, it is prudent to decide how to use your kitchen corners. These areas if used correctly can open up a ton of space in your kitchen. KBR Kitchen and Bath has a few suggestions on how you can maximize the kitchen corners when you are remodeling the kitchen.

Install floating shelves

Installing floating shelves on an unused kitchen corner is a great way to open up your kitchen as well as make a small kitchen look bigger than it actually is. KBR Kitchen and Bath recommends that you place the utensils that you use and clean often on these floating shelves, as there could be quite a pile-up of dust here if you do not clean the space frequently.

Install corner drawers

If you are looking for additional space to store your utensils, dishes, and cookware, then you can ask the contractor to install corner drawers. These are a clever and unique way of adding space, and the drawers are practical too because they are able to go round the corner bend.

Place a cabinet between a window and an adjacent wall

If there is a huge corner between one of the kitchen windows and an adjacent wall, then it is advisable to install a cabinet into the narrow corner. Ensure that there is enough space for moldings, windowsills, and the opening of the cabinet doors. In addition, allow the cabinet to blend in with the window by installing glass doors on the cabinet.

Get a corner range

This might take up additional space so it is prudent to talk it over with your contractor first before having the range installed. A beautiful corner range with a gorgeous vent hood can become the focal point of the kitchen. Furthermore, it can help emphasize a beautiful backsplash.