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How To Work With A Small Bathroom

Many people hate the fact that their bathrooms are too small. They feel that they need more space, and would do anything to make their bathrooms bigger. However, there are a few ways to make compact bathrooms magnificent without having to increase their size. KBR Kitchen and Bath provides the following remodeling tips on how to achieve this feat.

  1. Install a small tub

Discuss with your contractor about installing a small tub. The benefit of having a compact bathroom is that you will save on cost of fixtures. A smaller tub costs less than a bigger one. Thus, you can splurge on a luxury bathtub without having to go broke or over budget.

  1. Embrace color

Having color in any bathroom, regardless of its size, helps to make the room more appealing. Do not shy away from using colored paint in your small bathroom. However, it is best to go with just one shade for the walls and ceiling. This will make the bathroom appear much longer, thereby creating the illusion of a more spacious room.

  1. Go with white tiles

If paint is not your preferred option, then you can go for white tiles on the wall. White subway tiles can be a perfect choice for a compact bathroom. They enhance the visual space. In addition, they are a classic element in many traditional bathrooms. For the tiles to have maximum effect, it is best to keep the rest of the room simple.

  1. Try darker shades

Another option you can try out when it comes to color is darker hues. White is simply not for everyone. Small bathrooms can definitely benefit from the warmth that darker hues can bring into them. The warmth will make the bathroom much cozier. This will help you forget any issues that you might have with the size of the bathroom.