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Important Elements of a Rustic Kitchen

In any home, the kitchen has the potential to be the central hub of life, excitement, culinary adventure as well as conversation. When it comes to decorating the very heart of your home, the number of options can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s easier to break it down first into the elements that are most important when it comes to your taste and lifestyle. For many, family takes the spotlight when it comes to their kitchen and what better decorative way to highlight your family than giving your kitchen a rustic touch.

The beauty of a kitchen that is designed with a rustic look in mind is that it becomes a combination of all things new and old. It’s a testament to once was and a celebration of all that is for your family in the present day! It’s a chance to highlight some of those by-gone days and décor values, while maintaining a kitchen that is useful for modern purposes. If creating a perfectly rustic kitchen is on your to-do list, the following are a few important elements to adhere to in all your décor endeavors.

Don’t be afraid of the distressed appeal

Creating a rustic kitchen doesn’t mean everything you decorate with has to be vintage or old. In fact, before you go picking through antique stores, take a moment to look around your home and see what you already have that you can alter. It’s not as difficult as one might think to give modern furniture or accent pieces a distressed touch. Simply giving an item the appearance of being vintage can create a rustic feel with very little time or effort involved.

For example, if your kitchen plays host to an island, this could be the perfect place to start on your distressed journey. Consider adding a coat of streaked or branded ‘distressed’ paint to your wood kitchen island. If it’s paired with a sleek granite countertop, this could be all for the best! The contrast between the rustic base and modern top creates a unique look that gives your kitchen a comfortable feel where past meets present.

Similarly, adding small distressed scratches and topping them with white or light teal paint can give doors, window frames or even accenting picture frames a rustic touch that adds a lot to your overall atmosphere with very little time investment.

Mix up modernity with light and dark

Another way to highlight an aged or rustic feel is to get bold with your light and dark color contrasts. Because a kitchen normally has a little more room to work with than say a bathroom or hallway, you can feel free to play around with color schemes, especially when creating a rustic haven. Old farm kitchens tended to be done up in dark blues and reds. While this was a sign of the times, it was also a great way to maintain a clean approach when hard-working family members tromped through from the fields. Consider adding splashes of darker accent colors or themes to your kitchen when trying to simulate this feel. Be careful not to go overboard and darken your kitchen to the point it feels as if the space is shrinking, but a little bit can go a long way when creating a rustic space.

Don a proud moment and display family history

A rustic kitchen isn’t uniquely vintage; it also has the ability to tell the story of family and the past. Don’t overlook the power of adding important family photos, old utensils that have been passed down and other historic accent pieces to your kitchen décor when it comes to creating a rustic feel. Putting a black and white photo of your family now or from years past in a modern frame can create a unique and familial contrast that gives your kitchen a rustic kick. Additionally, feel free to toss the modern spoons, forks and ladles and take a trip back to the past by picking up some wooden pieces for display. Wooden mixing spoons don’t only create delicious cakes, they can be turned into easy wall décor that adds a touch of rustic to the room.

If you fancy floral arrangements in your kitchen, these two can be turned into rustic treasures. Consider using distressed household items such as a tin watering can, ceramic flour jar or oil bottle and turning them into a vase with a rustic feel. For a more feminine approach, try adding a gingham bow around any of these items and watch old wares take on brand, new rustic life! It doesn’t take much to give your kitchen a lift, and applying these simple elements can create a rustic feel in even the most modern of kitchens. Using old appliances to create a new atmosphere will give your home and kitchen a personal touch that not only represents, but also provides a great space for your entire family!