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Inspiration for Creating a Unique Bathroom

One major factor that homeowners must do with any bathroom remodel is focus on uniqueness. While you want your bathroom remodel to be widely appealing, it is also important that your space stand apart from the crowd. But, it can be difficult to determine how to achieve this uniqueness. With this in mind, we have developed some inspiring ideas for creating a unique bathroom. Keep in mind, it is not necessary or even preferable that you follow these suggestions down to the detail. Rather, you may just happen upon a detail that becomes the driving inspiration behind your entire bathroom remodel. Read on and get inspired:

Primary Colors

Before remodeling your space, you will want to take stock of the types of colors that you respond to best. Color is, beyond any other detail, the one that best establishes tone. Interior designers have recently suggested that by introducing bold, primary colors you can successfully create a bold and unique look in the bathroom.

Red is a bold and seductive primary color that will help your space stand apart from the crowd. Introduce red subway tile across an entire wall in your bathroom, and revel in how luxurious your space will instantly feel. A good way of creating a sense of cohesion from this bold detail is by introducing flooring that incorporates pops of red. You may want to incorporate a glass mosaic in the center of your floor, or simply select a cut of stone with red undertones. If you are hoping to create more of a modern atmosphere in your bathroom, consider introducing a glass steam shower along with a glass towel warmer. These luxurious details will add incredible intrigue and uniqueness to your bathroom.

Skirted Bathtub

Making a statement in your bathroom is not terribly difficult when you have a skirted bathtub to work with. The bathtub is a great element to work with if you are hoping to establish uniqueness in a scaled-back manner. If you live in a rustic and relaxing home and want to import this aesthetic into your bathroom, consider a tub in cow leather skirting.

One benefit of cow leather skirting is that it is neutral in color. With that said, this detailing can work beautifully in virtually any bathroom. Nonetheless, you will want to use cow leather skirting in a distinctively rustic bathroom. Pair your tub’s cow leather skirting with thick wooden ceiling beams. You may want to lay these ceiling beams in a criss-cross formation, adding both texture and depth to your space. To complement this rustic element, copper fixtures will work very well. Consider tarnished copper knobs for your sink and bathtub. This, alongside a leather cow skirted tub, will have guests begging to spend the night in your sinfully simple bathroom.

Boutique Powder Room

The approach you will take to remodel a powder room, rather than a bathroom, will be different. A powder room is a quaint space where homeowners can freshen up and take a breather during their busy day. Because powder rooms are smaller than full-size bathrooms, many homeowners shy away from doing anything bold in this space. But, this tentativeness does not bode well for the final product of your powder room.

One way of creating a unique powder room is by way of wallpaper. Interior designers recommend choosing a wallpaper in a bold print. Vintage florals and metallic prints are two wonderful options if you are hoping to add a sense of warmth and uniqueness to your powder room. Also, they contribute to the sense that you are inhabiting a boutique powder room; in other rooms, a powder room you might find in a luxury hotel or restaurant. There are a number of other elements you can introduce to round out this atmosphere. One such element is the vessel sink. These vessel sinks are deep and lie atop of the bathroom vanity. As such, the sink itself becomes an important focal point in the space. A circular vessel sink, atop a vintage wood vanity, are wonderful additions to your boutique powder room. In terms of illumination, there are a number of sconce-like lights that can be mounted on either side of the sink. Doing so will create a beautiful sense of balance in your boutique powder room.

Remodeling your bathroom in a thoroughly unique manner can be tricky. After all, knowing what can make your bathroom stand out without deviating from your personal style is not always clear. There are a number of ideas that might inspire your unique bathroom remodel. Perhaps you want to incorporate primary colors in your space. Interior designers advocate for this strategy, in that primary colors are quite effective at establishing the character of your bathroom. You may also want to consider some sort of skirting for your bathroom. This is a simple way of developing a unique aesthetic in your space.