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Is Your Kitchen Ready For Back-to-School?

It’s the same thing, every day. Kids come home from school and they’re “starving to death!”. They go directly to the kitchen in search of a snack.

With one hand, they’re reaching for the food, while the other hand is dropping a book bag on the floor.

As they munch, they pull a pile of papers out of their bag that promptly gets deposited on the counter.

Sound familiar?

If you chimed in with a resounding “yes!” then you are in good company!

With the school year on the horizon we are saying good-bye to the lazy, easy days of summer. No homework, no forms to fill out, no lunches to pack.


Are you ready for the onslaught of the school year? We are expected to quickly shift gears and do it with a contented smile on our faces, right?

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

You can turn your kitchen into an organized masterpiece to make your days run smoother.

Tackling the Backpacks

Tired of tripping over backpacks?

The solution is to have a home for the book bags.

There are some very clever storage stations out there, but don’t get turned off by the price. You can definitely create a space for bags without spending a lot of money.

One of the most simple ideas is hooks. Find some wall space and install a hook for each child’s backpack to go on. This works best for younger children who don’t have to lug around large text books, but depending on the strength of the hook and your wall, it can still be an option.

Or consider building out a set of cubbies. Work with a remodeling contractor to carve out a space for the backpack station. With a thoughtful design, your children can have a place to stash their book bags, lunch boxes, and sports equipment — and more. And you’ll get your sanity back!

A Place for Homework

Creating a special spot for homework can solve the homework quandary, and give you back your kitchen table!

If your kitchen doesn’t already have built-in desk area, think about adding one. It’s fairly easy to swap out some free counter space for a specially designed cabinet that acts as a desk. Or turn your den into a homework station that includes built-in desks and cabinets for organization.

Invest in creating a space that will be an organized, peaceful place for your little Einstein to get their work done!

Don’t forget to add enough storage space for pens, pencils, rulers, and any other supplies that your child may need to complete their work.

Packing Lunches

It’s a wise idea to keep all the supplies you need for packing lunches in one central location. This includes plastic baggies, spoons, forks, napkins, and non-refrigerated items.

If you’re short on counter space, consider adding an island if you have the space for it.
Adding cabinets underneath the island will give you more space to store lunch-packing supplies, lunch boxes, saran wrap and ziploc bags. On top of the island, the counter space can become lunch-packing central.

Most of us dread the end of summer, but, a few small changes can transform your back-to-school experience from chaotic to calm.