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Key Elements of a Modern Bathroom Renovation

Modernizing a bathroom is a costly endeavor, but the end result is well worth it. From granite countertops to hands-free faucets and wall to wall heated flooring, there is no shortage of exciting and spa-like elements to choose from when thinking how to bring our space up to date. In this article, we’ve listed the key elements for a modern bathroom, as well as a list of items you should consider adding, based on your budget.

Three Things Every Modern Bathroom Needs

Without question, if you have a budget large enough to remodel your bathroom, you need a few basics – like high quality granite countertops or a toilet with a comfort height rim, dual flush, and 1.28 gallon per flush rating. Another must have is floor-to-ceiling tile in as much of the space as you can afford – and definitely in the shower. A high-quality, silent fan is also vital for any modern bathroom.

We consider these features must haves for one primary reason – they save you money in the long run, while adding a classy feel to the space. Granite is the most durable natural stone available, and blends easily with multiple styles – if you ever get tired of your new bathroom, this material can either be repurposed, or used with a new sink, cabinets, and fixtures without disrupting even a radical design change.

Modern toilets are higher, making you feel more comfortable in the loo, but also providing a practical solution for your later years, when sitting on a low toilet becomes uncomfortable and physically challenging. The dual flush helps to save water, lowering your water bill and helping the environment. A 1.28 gallon tank meets California’s tough water restriction requirements, but is ahead of the federal standards – in a few years, 1.28 gallon flushes may be mandatory nationwide on newer toilets. You’ll be one step ahead of the crowd if you install one today.

Floor-to-ceiling tiles may seem like a luxury, but they are also very practical. Water damage in bathrooms is common. If a fan breaks, your wet wall isn’t as high quality as you hoped, or the paint you chose for the walls isn’t a great performer in humid conditions. Tiling can spare you the pain of repairing water damage for a significant chunk of the bathroom, and it looks great. Tiles are also easy to clean, low maintenance, and easily customized to match your overall design. From natural stone with a flush finish that looks like solid slab granite to white subway tiles, and faux-wood ceramic tiles, today’s options are extensive and affordable.

If floor-to-ceiling tiles are out of budget for the majority of your bathroom, invest in the shower. Even tile the ceiling if you can – the extra protection and high-end look achieved by completely tiling this space is unbeatable. For resale value, it’s a big plus, as many buyers seek out bathrooms with floor-to-ceiling tiles.

Every bathroom needs adequate ventilation – without a good fan, mold will soon rear its ugly head. By installing a silent, high-power fan, you can ensure that the space is discreetly and adequately ventilated. This may not be something future buyers notice, but it will spare you quite a few headaches over time.

When Your Budget Has Room For More

Consider adding a walk-in glass-paneled shower with granite tiles. The granite is easy to clean, and helps create that spa-feel we all crave, while the glass panels are a luxurious modern statement. Top this off with high-end fixtures for a space that feels inviting and attractive, leaving your guests awed and you relaxed.

When Money is No Object

Wall-to-wall heated flooring, mirrors that include waterproof television sets, and electronically measurable and adjustable shower water temperatures – the future has arrived. If money is no object, add all of these elements. Consider extended granite countertops for extra storage, and look into towel warmers, as well. If you can luxuriate, why not do it?

A word of caution – don’t go too over the top with your bathroom upgrades. Too much of a good thing can actually intimidate potential buyers. Elements like a Japanese soaking tub may not be well understood, and you may not use them, as enticing as they seem. Add the elements you know you’ll love.

Bathrooms were once viewed as places of pure function. Today, that image has changed. The bathroom is a refuge, a spa, and a place to luxuriate while life goes on without you for a while. Modern bathroom renovations should reflect this change, adding a touch of spa atmosphere without losing functionality. If it’s in your budget to do more, go for it. Just don’t overdo it – a bathroom that is too over the top can frighten off potential buyers when you are ready to sell your home.