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Kitchen Cabinet Pullouts To Enhance Functionality

Kitchen pullout drawers can make your life easier, as it simplifies the process of maneuvering around the kitchen. Cabinet pullouts come in different types, and they have gone beyond the common pantry-like drawers. KBR Kitchen and Bath has reviewed some of the special pullout drawers that you can find in the market.

  1. Knife rack pullout drawer

If you are having a hard time rummaging through deep cabinets for knives, and sometimes getting hurt in the process, then a knife rack is appropriate for your kitchen. The knife rack simply slides out with just a gentle nudge, and the knives are easily accessible. Such a rack can hold a variety of knives that differ in size and width of blades.

Furthermore, most pullout knife racks have a handle-up orientation, meaning that the handles and not the blades of the knives face upwards. This makes it safer for you and the rest of the family to access the desired knives.

  1. Pullout utensil drawer

In addition, you can have a utensil drawer that you can install next to your range. This is an exceptional tool to have in the kitchen especially if you have a lot of utensils, and it becomes difficult to get the right one when they are stored in regular cabinets and drawers because they end up being one big pile of dishes.

  1. Vertical pullouts

If your kitchen contains big trays, cutting boards, and baking sheets, then you probably have to undergo the hassle of layering these heavy utensils on top of each other so that they can fit. What you need is a vertical pullout where you can store these large cooking essentials. Each item gets its own slot, eliminating the need for you to bend constantly over in an attempt to get the tray or plate that is at the bottom.