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Kitchen Color Palettes to Choose in 2015

As each new year comes in, so do the design trends. This year, it is important to take a look at the color palette in your kitchen, and see if you’re matching up to what designers have to say. In 2015, the color palettes you will want to consider for remodeling your kitchen include olive greens, and bright patterns, most of which have not been included in the ‘in’ chapter of a kitchen design catalog for decades. Take a look to see what designers are predicting will be the kitchen color palettes to choose in 2015.

 Greek Blue

Surprisingly, one of the colors making a comeback to the kitchen is Greek blue. Essentially, this is a bright, bold blue color that can be used as an accent in the kitchen. It can be the color for your chair or bar stool cushions at your granite countertop island, or it can be used in the glass tile you choose for your backsplash. Anywhere you find a place for this bright blue, it will be an on-trend design choice for 2015.

 Bringing back the 60s

Another color palette that is expected to make its way into kitchen remodels this upcoming year are the colors of the 1960s. This means that colors that were popular during this area are making a comeback. This includes shades of olive green, orange, and bright blue all in the same design. These colors pair well with dark gray or black granite countertops and dark hardwood floors. If you are lost as to where to use these colors, think about your tile backsplash, accent rugs, or painting the wall behind some open shelving.

 Sour Green – With Anything

Another color you can expect to see more of in the kitchen is sour green, and we’re not talking about bowls of sour green apples. We are talking about the color of sour green apples appearing in backsplash designs and fabrics throughout the kitchen. This particular color can be paired with just about anything, including blue granite coutnertops, white cabinetry, and dark hardwood flooring. The possibilities with this trend are endless, and are only based on the design you are trying to achieve.

 Neutral Gray

If the bright bold color palettes we talked about already really are not your favorite, you can opt for netural gray while still be part of the color palette trend of 2015. Currently, and it seems it will continue, gray is the hottest of the neutral colors. One idea combines soft gray paint on the walls and a dark gray or black granite countertop. You can even add a little gray to the ceiling to keep the color palette throughout the entire space.

Renaissance Palettes

If you think about a Renaissance era painting, you are probably thinking of a few specific colors – beige, white, cerulean blue, plum, and green. Surprisingly, when combined, these colors make an amazing color palette for a kitchen. Start with a beige granite countertop, dark hardwood cabinetry with a plum hue, and add the others into the design for a completed look, evident of a different era.

Olive Green

Olive green will be found in more places in the kitchen than a jar in the refrigerator. In fact, you can paint your cabinetry olive green to create a warm, neutral, organic feeling. This is great for a farmhouse-style or country style kitchen design. Paired with light hardwood flooring and a medium brown granite countertop and coordinating tile backsplash, you have an elegant kitchen in which you can extend an olive branch to your friends and family, and invite them to dinner.

Muddy, Warm Tones

Kitchen color palettes for kitchens designed in 2015 will also see muddy, warm tones. No, this does not mean different shades of brown. What it does mean, however, is that you can paint your kitchen in shades of rust, dusty mint, olive, and aubergine. These shades do pair well with brown-toned granite countertops and white cabinetry. You can add splashes of bright colors with similar hues to really give your kitchen a unique flair.

Fresh Hues

Other color palettes that are going to be seen in kitchen designs in 2015 include those that are fresh and new. For instance, an agrestic color palette that provides a contemporary country style includes shades of tender greens, warm golden yellows, and bruschetta browns. You can use one of these colors for the walls, one for the cabinetry, and all three for the tiled backsplash. In this palette, it is recommended that you choose a neutral color, such as dark brown, for your granite countertops. You might also consider savory colors – daiquiri green and chocolate – or ethnic chic colors – misty yellows and deep purples with gray granite countertops – as a kitchen color palette.

Take a few hints from the upcoming kitchen color trends for 2015, and starting painting a wonderful design for a new kitchen in your mind. Once you have it all planned out, start painting your walls and having granite countertops installed to have a fresh, new kitchen for the new year.