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Make Your Bathroom Feel Less Like a – well – Bathroom

When you think of all the rooms in your home that you prefer to spend time in, the bathroom may not be the first one that comes to mind. But just because it’s not a conventional place to sit back and enjoy, doesn’t mean you can’t create a lovely space within the walls of your very own bathroom.

The beauty of interior design lies in the creativity and flexibility it invokes. When it comes to your home, the potential is limitless and only depends on how much or little of your own personal taste and style you’re willing to invest. This means that your bathroom is no longer limited to just a space for hygiene and freshening up, but if you’re ready to give it a try, could become a space you truly enjoy spending time in within your home. Here a few ways that help make your bathroom feel like like a…well, bathroom!

Simplify your space–clean lines can be calming

One of the most direct routes to making your bathroom feel like a practically livable space is to get rid of clutter. Any room in your home that you walk into and is full of stuff can create an overwhelming and anxious atmosphere. If you’re looking to redesign your bathroom into a space you love, start by creating a room that plays host to clean lines and very little clutter. A clean bathroom is equal to a carefree mind and that’s exactly what you’re going for with your bathroom transformation.

Choose colors that make you feel peaceful and happy

There are a lot of designers out there who will try to convince you that one color is superior to another when it comes to bathroom redesigns. The truth is, if you want to make a space you love being in, you have to add colors that you love being around. Color in any room tends to take on a life of it’s own and create the very atmosphere around you. This means that your bathroom color should be a direct reflection of how you want to feel when you enter the space. Don’t get bogged down in other people’s opinions when it comes to this. Follow your colorful instincts and you’ll be right on track.

When it comes to color schemes, countertops are a great place to start. If you’re on the hunt for the color that will make you feel welcome in your bathroom, begin with a granite countertop shade and pattern that you just can’t resist. Granite countertops tend to have swirls and specks of many stunning colors, which will help you put together the rest of your accent colors for the space. Being inspired by one primary color feature can help get your mind geared towards what makes you happy in your newly designed bathroom.

Add unique pieces that you might not normally find

If you want your bathroom to be a space for spending time, you’re going to have to learn to treat it like any other room in the home. This means taking some risks on accent pieces that you might have originally thought couldn’t be put in a room such as this. Consider adding some bold artwork to your bathroom walls, or unique lighting that might also be used in a living room. These homey touches can bring a new type of life to a room that generally doesn’t get that kind of attention. If you’re redoing a vanity, consider a dark and dramatic granite to make your countertop pop, much like it would in the kitchen!

Add music to create a mood

Much like color, music tends to set the tone for how a place makes you feel. If you want your bathroom to be inviting, consider setting up a bathroom sound system to incorporate feel good music at will! Not only is this a great conversation starter, but a simple way to increase your energy the minute you step into your bathroom.

Add a whirlpool tub for relaxation

Take relaxation techniques into consideration when you’re looking to give your bathroom a more domestic edge. The installation of a whirlpool tub is not only luxurious, but a step towards creating an essential oasis within your home. Crafting a place of escape and peace of mind after a long day can take your bathroom from boring to beautiful in no time at all. Just knowing you have a place to forget the worries of the day and physically relax as well can be an amazing combination when it comes to interior design methods.

Take notes from other cultures

Sometimes the best home remodels come with a little inspiration from places far away from home. Looking to other culture’s approach to a bathroom can help give you a feel for how to make a bathroom more intimate and less standard. If you’re looking to create a space that’s Zen, look no further than the Japanese who have perfected the art of bamboo accents with special design that provides for peace of mind. When you reach out and learn from others, you’ll find you end up with a bathroom that’s uniquely all your own—infused with influences that make it a place you just want to be.