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Maximizing Your Storage Space Ideas

One of the most popular kitchen remodeling tactics that homeowners are choosing to complete relates to storage. The same way adding square footage to your home increases the resale value, adding more storage options is a huge draw for potential home buyers. More homeowners are remodeling their cabinets to create additional storage space, along with coming up with clever storage solutions to make the most of their kitchen design.

When deciding how to remodel kitchen cabinets, it is important to think about each space and how it will be used. Remember odd-shaped items such as cereal boxes and cookies sheets and how they will fit in cabinets. Also think about how hard it is to find items in your cabinets and drawers currently and how you can remodel them to make it easier to organize. Here are some ideas to maximize your kitchen storage space by remodeling your cabinets.

Cabinet Space Options

When deciding how to change your cabinet storage options, think about how and where you currently store your items and where and how the items should be stored. If you currently can’t fit everything in your cabinets, consider the height of the items you need to store and decide which cabinets can be changed to incorporate that height.  During remodeling, you have the option of extending your cabinets to the ceiling to make more room. Most cabinets stop short and provide a ledge for décor, but if space if your biggest hindrance in your kitchen design, get rid of the decorative ledge and make your cabinets extend to the ceiling. This will help with tall things that you can’t normally fit into your normal everyday cabinets.

There are so many things you can do for remodeling storage in just one cabinet. We find that many homeowners do not know the possibilities of even the smallest storage spaces! For example, if you like the decorative ledge or are worried about extending cabinets to the ceiling, try installing pullouts, base cabinets, floating shelves, or fully extended drawers. These design and storage changes can add a little more room and every inch counts when it comes to storage needs.

Creative Ways to Store Your Things

Creativity can go a long way when trying to find new storage space options for your kitchen design. Small things that take up a lot of unnecessary room can be stored in other creative ways. Use small pullouts in cabinets to place your spices in so you can see all your options and use less room. Pullouts can also be utilized for under the countertop wastebaskets or pots and pans storage.

To save room in your kitchen, install a walk-in pantry to save cabinet space for utensils and pots and pans. You can even cheat and install walk-in pantries in your dining room or between walls. If you don’t have enough room for a full walk-in pantry, create a large pullout shelf in-between your fridge and your wall or cabinets for your cans and other small pantry items.

Floating shelves are a nice storage solution to expand the amount of space you have. The only caveat with floating shelves is they have to be organized and clean so as not to clutter your kitchen design. Built-in organizers keep utensils and other drawer items organized to easily find items and to add more items to drawers.

Hidden storage spaces can hide certain items that you do not use every single day. Try installing drawers under the cabinets or adding a secret cabinet behind a cabinet to utilize wasted corner space. There are mounted storage options that actually look like design pieces, such as mounted knives or pots.