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Opening Up A Windowless Bathroom

One problem that many homeowners seem to face when they purchase a new home is having a windowless bathroom. This is because the bathroom is usually the last room to receive attention when it comes to window real estate. It is stifling to have a bathroom without a view or natural light streaming in. A windowless bathroom is boring, and unappealing, and it takes out the joy of doing your regular bathroom rituals. KBR Kitchen and Bath has some few ideas on how you can open up a drab windowless bathroom to bring more life to the room.

  1. Go with white

White is the best option for the walls, ceiling, and floor in a windowless bathroom. White reflects light through the entire space, making you forget that the room has no window. In addition, the white color adds freshness to the room. In many instances, a white background and fixtures is even more effective than a mirror.

  1. Embrace Lucite and Glass

Without a window in your bathroom, you want to ensure that none of your surfaces absorbs light. Thus, it is imperative that you select surfaces that reflect rather than absorb the light. Such materials include glass, metal, Lucite, and mirror surfaces. Such materials are also great at generating drama and interest in the bathroom, making it a more pleasant room to do your regular cleaning rituals.

Lucite materials are especially useful when it comes to the functional items in your bathroom. This is because they give the illusion that they occupy less space as compared to opaque materials. This makes the entire counter space seem less cluttered, making the windowless room seem more open.

  1. Have many mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to expand the windowless bathroom, and make it seem like it has more space than originally perceived.