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Out With The Classic Bathroom and In with the Modern Design

When people are going through home remodels or shopping for a new home, the bathroom is one of the most neglected rooms. As long as bathrooms have the basic elements each homeowner needs, people tend to focus on the other parts of home design. However, crafting a modern bathroom is an incredibly attractive design detail that people love.

Incorporating modern design means changing how people overlook the bathroom and making the bathroom one of the biggest selling points of your home. When the bathroom incorporates modern design, it shows the homeowner really cares about the architecture and appearance of the home and living a comfortable lifestyle is important. Here are our favorite modern design elements to say goodbye to classic bathrooms and hello to modernism.

Unique Flooring

Linoleum is awful and tile is tired. For a modern bathroom design, try to change it up by choosing a unique flooring option. Stone flooring is an incredibly eye-catching design element that instantly makes your bathroom modern. Be sure to choose a stone color and pattern that contrasts and complements well with the rest of your bathroom design.

Shape Up Features

Rectangular showers, bathtubs, counters, and sink fixtures are very common in classic bathroom design. For a modern look, go for irregular shapes throughout your bathroom. Some of our favorite places to accomplish odd shapes are with the bathtubs and sinks. Shop around for a bath or sink design that is square, oval, or an entirely odd shape altogether.


Many bathrooms have standard lighting fixtures and it is important to retain some of these, especially when you are getting ready and need adequate lighting so you don’t look scary walking out the door! However, to create a modern mood in your bathroom, adding special lighting in non-prep areas of the space makes a great impact. Consider adding recessed lighting around the bathtub, floodlighting in the shower, task lighting around sinks, and accent lighting in other places.


The walls will be a big part of how your bathroom design changes from classic to modern. Modern bathrooms go more bold with their coloring. To ease your way into modern bathroom walls, stick with cool colors in the gray and blue families. This will definitely give off a modern feel. However, if you want to jump into modern design with both feet, choose a darker color palette, such as deep red or green, for a dramatic modern bathroom.

Separate the Shower and Bath

A shower and bathtub combo is a very classic and utilitarian design choice for the bathroom. To go more modern, remodel your bathroom to have a separate space for the shower and bath. Freestanding bathtubs are a great update on a classic look. To modernize it, make the bathtub the focal point in an open layout bathroom. For your shower, choosing a glass shower makes the bathroom look larger and clean. Go with tinted glass to step further into modern design. If you want your shower to be more luxurious, opt for multiple shower heads or a massaging extension.

Mix It Up

Don’t be afraid to mix bathroom elements and patterns in your modern design! Sticking with porcelain everywhere is a thing of the past. While you need to be careful about choosing elements that work well with the humidity your shower or bath will put off regularly, experiment with different materials and how they look. One of our favorite combinations is wood and stone for a modern design. For the patterns, you don’t need to have a uniform look like with classic bathrooms. Take your fabrics, textures, flooring, walls, and counters and mix it all up!

Bring In Nature

Classic bathrooms are utilitarian, but modern bathrooms go beyond that. To make your bathroom a haven instead of a mandatory space in your home, bring elements of nature into your design. This is easy to accomplish with stone flooring or wood accents we mentioned before, but you can also add greenery and plants to spruce it up. If you are able to, adding lots of windows will bring in natural light that will warm your modern bathroom design.