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Perfect Small Bathroom Colors

One of the most difficult things to do in  a small bathroom is to create a feeling of space. Fortunately, it is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, just choosing the right wall color can really make a difference. If your bathroom is on the small side, and you are considering a remodeling project, do not forget to think about how important the wall color is. We have provided you with some of the most perfect small bathroom colors for you to choose from, as well as advising you of what colors should be avoided.


For years, one of the only colors used in many bathrooms was white. This does not mean that white bathrooms are outdated. In fact, white walls can really open up your small bathroom and make it feel much larger than it really is. In addition, white is an especially beneficial wall color if your bathroom lacks natural light. With that said, if you are not a fan of stark white walls, you can choose a white color with undertones, such as yellow, pink, or peach. This means that the wall will appear white, but have hints of one of these three shades that can only be seen in certain light or at a certain angle, which helps the room feel warm.

Pearl Gray

If you like the color gray, you can use it in a small bathroom. However, to avoid letting your bathroom look and feel drab, dark, and dingy, we recommend choosing a gray that has a shimmering undertone. This will allow the gray wall color to glisten in the light – artificial or natural. If you have a hard time finding a paint color that can do this, consider wallpaper or glass tiles. There are many wallpapers that can provide that glistening effect, some of which comes from metallic patterns in the wallpaper. Also, the glass tiles help to reflect light which will help make the room feel much bigger.

Pale Pink

Another color to consider is pale pink. However, you want to choose a color that prevents the room from feeling like a little girl’s nursery. In order to do this, you want to choose a pale pink that is not powdery pale pink. This will help the room feel less like a nursery and more like a large, spacious, rosy warm bathroom. In addition, you want to choose a pink that has yellow undertones that will resemble sunlight, as opposed to blue undertones that can make the space feel cold.


It only seems natural to choose yellow to brighten up a small space. After all, yellow is the color of sunshine, and there is nothing more warm and inviting than a summer day, that provides plenty of brightness. However, you want to avoid a yellow that is too bright, as this can make the room look even smaller, which is the opposite of the effect you are going for. In addition, avoid pale, powdery yellows that can make the room feel like a nursery. Furthermore, it is recommended that you trim the bathroom in white, as that will also help to brighten up a small bathroom.


The color of the ocean, aqua is a natural choice for a bathroom, and works amazingly well in a small bathroom. It helps the room glow, and gives the feeling of a tropical sea. Pale aqua is the best choice if you really want to expand the feeling of the space, and should be combine with gold accents, such as shower fixtures, faucets, and wall sconces, to really warm up the room. It is also recommended to use golden light bulbs to help create a warm small bathroom.

Colors to Avoid

When choosing wall color for a small bathroom, there are some colors you want to avoid. To begin with, avoid dark shades of any color, including reds, browns, purples, and grays. In addition, if you opt for a white bathroom, avoid the black and white scheme. You want to add lighter colors with the white to make it feel more open. Black can actually shrink a space, making the room feel much smaller than it is. Furthermore, no matter what color scheme you choose, of the ones suggested, be sure to avoid dark woods, dark shower tiles, dark flooring, and dark granite countertops. Always choose a lighter version for each of these locations to help keep the room feeling light.

When it comes to finding a perfect small bathroom color you want to think light. The lighter a room is, the larger it will feel, which is exactly what you are aiming for. Take the time to think about all aspects of your small space, including the amount of – or lack of – natural light. You might want to consider adding a window – even if your only option is a skylight – to add more natural light to the space. Think light colors and get painting to make your small bathroom feel much larger.