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Planning Your Bathroom Remodel? These Tips Can Save Your Remodel!

The bathroom is one of the essential and most personal spaces for people. Whether you want to have a rejuvenating experience in a bathtub after a long tiring day or just have a quick shower as per your daily agenda, every individual has various factors in mind while planning a bathroom remodel for themselves.

How many times do you enter your bathroom and utilize the amenities in this area? Do you feel like you need specific changes in your bathroom space? Are you bewildered how to go forward with bathroom remodeling?

Well, you are in the right place then. Bathroom remodeling isn’t as easy as ABC. It requires planning the finance, organizing materials, and equipment, measuring room size, and implementing it just as right.

Let us check out what all you will get to explore in this blog.

Here, you would get answers to the below questions:

  1. Which bathroom are you planning to remodel?
  2. What things should be considered when hiring a contractor?
  3. How essential is budgeting?
  4. What are the right color combinations?
  5. Is the flooring, right?
  6. What are the factors to consider keeping in mind on bathtubs or shower?
  7. What are the areas that are often overlooked?


The Bathroom You Are Selecting for Remodeling

It’s crucial that you plan out which bathroom you want to remodel beforehand, as the planning would differ for a master bathroom and a powder room. Guest bathroom and children’s bathroom will have to be remodeled differently too.

 If your master bathroom is the one you are thinking to remodel, then you would have to involve more time and effort into planning. Additionally, if you plan to share your bathroom, then probably you might need dual sinks in the vanity area. Conversely, if you are looking to remodel a child’s bathroom, you might not be required to pay attention to superior style and functionality. Ultimately, kids might not worry about having high-quality granite flooring.

Hire a contractor

Hire a genuine and insured contractor who would help you in bathroom remodeling from the very start till the end. This works as an advantage as a contractor would have the required knowledge, experience, and a proper layout to accomplish the project. He would make sure to protect your personal belongings and assets.

Things to keep in mind:

 – Ensure that you don’t sign the contract until every product, pattern, color, and framework are precisely how you want.

 – Details about warranties and an approximate timeline for the project.

 – The cost involved in the bathroom remodeling project.

Planning Finance

It is significant to plan your budget and convey your budget to your contractor. Have an honest conversation with your contractor to keep everyone on the same page. You need to plan all the costs involved in the project right from the materials required to workmanship fees.

Involve monochromatic colors

Apply light monochromatic colors and apply tiles from floor to ceiling to reflect light in the room. Also, install a glass shower door and use gloss paint for the same benefit. Neutral and light colors would look timeless and make your bathroom seem more prominent. You can also add light and dark color combination to amplify your bathroom.

Luxurious and glam aesthetic flooring

Are you looking to replace your current flooring? Consider the color complementing the walls and the texture of the tiles that can be quickly dried. Select two tiles that can complement each other properly; one for the main room and another for the shower area. Other than giving an aesthetic look to the bathroom, ensure that the tiles can handle plenty of moisture. Porcelain tiles can resist moisture, stains, bacteria, and odor.

A bathtub, a shower, or both?

Decide whether you need a bathtub or a shower or considering your daily requirements and other factors. For instance, if you have an older person in the family and with restricted mobility, you might think of replacing your bathtub with a shower. If you have young children, you might want to make sure that the tub is the preferable option. One can also plan for both of these with a definite plan. If you plan it, you can do it!

Areas that are often neglected

  • Lightning: No matter how well you have planned and remodeled your bathroom, but with poor lighting, it can fail to enhance the look of your bathroom and make the area look dark and dreary. Nothing can beat natural daylights; if planning to include one window, why not plan for two? For master bathrooms, use fixtures that provide at least 75 to 100 watts of illumination.
  • Storage: For a functional bathroom, plan storage options into your design. Give a thought about how you would like to utilize space under the vanity, linen closets, medicine vanity, etc.

Pro tip: Ensure to install accessible outlets overall in your bathroom and storage premises, if required.

  • Hot water tank: You need a warm bath in your bathtub or shower when the weather is cold out there. Wouldn’t you? You would require to install a water heater to accommodate your new space.
  • Proper ventilation: Excessive moisture can cause problems like making flooring slippery. Hence, adequately placed built-in fans can help in removing the moisture; keeping it clean and dry.

Final Thoughts:

Bathroom remodeling is not just about replacing various fixtures in the bathroom. Usually, this involves distinct design styles, layouts, arranging existing fixtures, or adjoining significant new features like a sauna, showers, steam room, bathtub, etc.

After being strained to change our lifestyle, having a serene and rejuvenating retreat is all, we want to get. A steam shower with a deep soaker tub may dignify the perfect need of the hour and an excellent addition for your bathroom remodeling.