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Remodeling Your Bathroom With the Future in Mind

Bathroom remodels can prove overwhelming because there are a large range of factors to consider. Homeowners must select focal features that suit their aesthetic preferences, but that will also translate well in the future. If not, it becomes more difficult to imagine how the resale of your home will work itself out. To follow are some brilliant ideas for remodeling your bathroom with the future in mind. Doing so will secure the maximum return on your investment. Additionally, these ideas lend themselves to beautiful contemporary spaces that make everyday living all the more pleasurable.

Ceiling Mounted Showers

A ceiling mounted shower works wonders to create a contemporary aesthetic in your bathroom. First and foremost, this feature effectively elongates the height of your bathroom. Interior designers claim that the fewer accessories you have cluttering your wall space, the taller your room will feel.

Ceiling mounted showers are attended by a wide range of features. If you are hoping for something basic, you can certainly invest in a simple ceiling-mounted shower with a single showerhead. This feature can be placed close to a corner of your space, which allows you to maximize on the total square footage of your bathroom. If you are attracted by multiple shower heads and waterfall water pressure, this is wholly possible as well.  In this scenario, your modern shower features will take up more horizontal space in your bathroom. However, this simply means that you have decided to make your contemporary shower feature a more prominent feature.

Granite Focal Wall

Of course, it is simpler to paint your bathroom walls a neutral color and call it a day, and this is far from being a poor design move. Painting your walls a neutral color is an excellent strategy for amplifying the sense of square footage in the bathroom. But, doing so does not necessarily create a lasting impression.

In order to create the illusion of more space in your bathroom in a more impactful manner, you might want to consider introducing a granite wall. Granite is a thoroughly modern material that also has the advantage of wearing well over time. Interior designers suggest selecting a cut of granite in a neutral hue. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from that meet this description. Next, choose the wall of your bathroom that deserves the most focus. This will be the wall on which you will place your granite tiling. A granite wall adds a sense of depth, texture and contemporaneity to your bathroom. In addition, granite is a material that prospective homebuyers recognize and value. To put it simply, this material is one bound up with a sense of luxury. As you move forward with your remodel, it is well worth considering creating a granite focal wall of your own.

Vessel Sinks

One bathroom finish that many homeowners traditionally neglect is the sink. This is because they see the sink as a relatively small and insignificant feature. But, this could not be further from the truth.

Introducing a vessel sink is a wonderful way of modernising your bathroom. Vessel sinks are different from their traditional counterparts in that they sit on top of their countertops. Accordingly, this feature is instantly emphasized and introduced as something worth taking note of. Vessel sinks are also available in a wide range of materials. If you are hoping to truly modernize your bathroom, it is worth perusing sinks made of unconventional materials. Some such materials include hammered copper, ceramic, or glass. Next, you might want to select a sink in a unique geometrical shape. Diamond and oblong-shaped sinks alike create the impression of a bathroom that is well-suited for the future. Something quite interesting occurs when you invest in a modern vessel sink. Interior designers note that spaces with vessel sinks also tend to invest more in the countertops that house them. So, when you look into selecting your vessel sink, you will want to consider a countertop that will act as its complement. Once again, a granite countertop is a wonderful option. Granite is both a durable and a versatile option. You will have no difficulty finding a cut of granite that meshes well with the overall aesthetic of your space.

All in all, bathroom remodels can be challenging. This is because homeowners must make decisions that balance their own aesthetic preferences, with the design principles they imagine governing in the future. To successfully remodel your bathroom with the future in mind, you will want to think of the shower. Ceiling-mounted showers are a simple variation on the traditional shower, which takes up less space and elongates the height of your room. Another intelligent feature to consider is the granite focal wall. This focal wall will instantly add a sense of intrigue and modernism to your bathroom.