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Revamp Your Bathroom With A Super Toilet

Majority of homeowners would not think of going high-tech when it comes to toilets. Most would settle for a chrome or porcelain toilet. They would not give the toilet a second thought until it breaks or needs replacement. If you are remodeling your bathroom then you need to consider installing a super toilet. KBR Kitchen and Bath has gathered details on a few types of super toilets available.

  1. The Numi Toilet

The Numi Toilet comes with a motion-activated lid as well as bidet functions. However, its square shape and buttons along the sides make it look anything but a toilet. The lid of the toilet automatically opens whenever an individual stands in front of it.

In addition, the bidet functions of this particular toilet are more complex compared to other toilets. This is because the bidet comes with an air dryer. The integrated air dryer is an advanced function of this particular bidet system. Majority of other bidets do not come with this functionality.

Furthermore, the Numi Toilet comes with a music player, an air vent that heats the floor adjacent to it, as well as a seat that warms up. All this is in a bid to enhance your loo experience.

  1. The Roca washbasin plus water closet

If you have been looking for an environmentally safe water closet, then the Roca Washbasin and Water Closet is the best option that you can find in the market.

This appliance does its bid in protecting the environment by filtering and treating the water that one uses in the sink, and then redirecting this water for the flushing of the toilet. This means that there is no additional water needed for flushing the toilet, as the water that you use to brush your teeth and wash your hands is recycled.